How can a proven benefit cheat make false CSA claims?

December 22, 2014

Hi am after some advice. I had a phone call from the ex laughing as she said the CSA had told her i owed her so much money if i had not paid her any maintenance so as she likes to try and mess me about as much as she can she told them that i had not paid her any at all which as she admits to me is a lie but they beleive her.

I pick my son up or did every other week as per a court order but she always makes me give her cash before i am aloud to take him she refused to sign anything if i did not give her the money i did not get my son. This has gone on for years.

A couple of times she needed money (we lived 109 miles apart) so i did pay into her bank account. As I had not got any signed notes or had not got the bank to put on transfers for child maintence payment they say it could have been for anything and i owe the money even thou she has been done for benefit fraud twice they just take her word for it and that i am guilty of what she says.

I must add that when i asked the guy on the phone he said and i qoute to be honest your an easy target, you work. I refused to pay and had not heard any thing from them for years until this year when my son turned 19 saying i owed over double what they said.

1st how can they phone her and say she is owed money 2nd how can someone with a proven record of benefit fraud still make false claims like this and they listern. 3rd how can the amount have to pay go up when my son has not lived with her since he turned 16 as she kicked him out as new boyfriend did not like him and has been in care with social services and now in a homeless shelter as he will not move to were i live away from his friends.

And lastly how come they stopped contacting me for years and then suddenerly say i owe over 5k when i pay every month until he left home. I have now been hit with a direct payment order which will cripple me as i now have a 3month old Daughter which they say does not matter as she was born after the case was closed.

So i they are taking money to pay for a child i have already paid for which means i cannot feed the child i live with, how does that work?

Any advice would be very helpful. Cheers.