How can a calculation be made against monies I never receive?

October 3, 2017

So I’ve just received a letter from the CSA calculating my monthly contribution based on the gross income. How can this be? How is it possible that a calculation be made against monies I never receive? I have two young children happily married. The money requested is for Amy son of whom I haven’t seen in over 5 years. I pay 35% tax 11% national insurance. The CSA have calculated a total amount of£8450 to pay yearly. Based on a gross income of 80k. Mostly bonuss I have to add. They are a disgrace. The stress and pressure these sorts of letters put on me and my family are frankly nexcuseable. Please help


  • David says:

    Hi Martin

    Sorry to read about your predicament.

    The CMS have power to seek income information directly from the HMRC and without consulting you first. The Calculations should be based on your gross income received over the previous financial year. If there is a 25 per cent different from your current income to that of the previous financial year (e.g. a fall in income), you should advise them of this. What you pay is dependent on the number of children you have. Bonuses are taken into account as well unfortunately.

    If the Calculation is not based on actual income, something is seriously wrong somewhere. Please contact me at [email protected] for assistance with this or any other related matter, if you wish.


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