How are we supposed to live with CSA taking so much?

November 10, 2015

I don’t know if anyone is in a similar situation to me?

firstly I had a short fling 6 years ago 100 miles away, 9 months later my only child was born.

The mother is a stalker money grabbing benefit hound. She took me to the CSA when I got access rights, even though I was paying the whole time… Never has contributed anything for a 400 (now 500) mile round trip and the CSA never takes mileage into account.

Now this isn’t why I’m here this time round anyway lol!

I’ve moved in with my girlfriend who has a son…

We earn the same wage… However, however I lose half of mine to access and CSA, I can pay my way with the bills (just about), but thats it!

Now her wage gets topped up by Child Tax Credits, child maintenance and child benefit…

The bottom line is that she cannot understand why I’m skint all the time and has started being far from understanding on the matter.

But bottom line is that she gets an extra 30% on her wage when I get 50% of mine stripped, this is how society is these days. However the view is that men should be supporting the house?

Can anyone relate to this?


  • Austin says:

    I relate exactly to that although my circumstances are different. My son now lives with me as he was neglected by his mother however that hasn’t stopped her from getting the CSA to pursue me for 16000 of back payments which she received in excess of through a family based arrangement. However as I don’t have bank statements listing “CHILD MAINTENANCE” they will not take it as evidence of payment, therefore I am going to be hit with a DEO (with no court) for half my wages shortly. This will drive me into homelessness just about and my son with me. I have written complaints, written to my MP and written to IDS and there appears to be no way of stopping the machine at all. At the moment I have sent another complaint but I have emailed it to every newspaper I can think of and to IDS, I doubt it will do anything but this abuse of the system by greedy feckless detritus who see children as income has to stop. I genuinely see why some commit suicide due to the fact there is no respite from these people, myself I will get a contract somewhere sunny and me and my boy will sail off into the sunset and I will ditch my british nationality as soon as possible as I am sick of this hole of a country and its need to discriminate against fathers in any way possible. Child support law is a joke and is regularly ignored by the minions in the CSA, the first principle is the welfare of the children personally anyone who works for these agencies should be tarred and feathered as they will be well aeware of the tactics employed and the injustice that they uphold

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