How am I supposed to pay so much?

June 3, 2015

I have been told that I have to pay 66.00 per child a week only started to make payments to the csa this month to 1 of the Childs because the second child I pay directly.

I agree to pay 300 pounds a month to the csa , but they didn’t take the amount I agreed with they have taken 355.20 pounds of my account , I phoned them and the reply was that I have areas they took that amount I never give them permission to take that amount.

I been trying to argue with them that the calculation they do according my net income it’s wrong they have told me that they could access my net income so they based the calculation on the net income from 2012 which I was on about 46000 thousand a year gross pay.

Don’t understand why they make the calculation based on gross income and not on net income so all this means my net income monthly is about 1750 to 2000 max , and I’m paying 66.00 per child which it’s on total 528.00 pounds a month if I don’t have overtime I’m really struggling to make the payment don’t know what to do anymore.


  • gonk says:

    this is the kinda reply you will get from this bitch White.
    Mate these dogs don’t give a shit how you survive and you certainly wont get any sympathy from the likes of this bitch.
    keep your chin up, if the bastards keep milking you dry…leave your job and never go back and let them whisle for their money. It will get to a stage where you are just working to pay the csa and have nothing else let alone any quality time with your kids.
    maybe just leave the country or go self employed. the fuckers don’t give a shit about you so why give a shit about them

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