How am I supposed to look after my kid in this country?

June 25, 2014

I am at present living in London with my wife and child eight none years back when I came into this country I thought everything is going to change but my young age mistake are coming up.

I took polish nationality during my stay as a student I came a cross the girl whom I never loved as she use to come in the foreign student hostel to grab foreign males in 1989.

In 1992 she got baby girl and now the girl is 20 years and all these years I and my present wife we paise all the dues she is in Poland and trying to get more money I have got no clue why she wants more one.

I have one more kid who lives with me in uk and his age is just 12 years old 20 years child whom I have never seen and asking maintenance on other hand I have got 82 year old mum in india whom I have to look after.

I think if I won’t be I the world every thing will be esy What should I do?


  • Bill says:

    As the child was 19 in 2011 any CSA case should have closed that year.
    As the child is not in the UK the CSA have no jurisdiction therefore there should be no case.

  • Bill says:

    Why is this post exactly the same as the one posted on December 9, 2013 under title ” She’s trying to get more money – what can I do?”

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