Hope the CSA are proud of themselves

September 20, 2012

What people must know is when dealing with the csa your dealing with the goverment who basically dont give a monkeys about you. The attitude is very very simple if you dont like it go and die somewhere quite. I have dealt with the csa on the old system since 2001 and have been treated like im a piece of shit on the bottom of there shoe. I had a 1to1 face meeting the other day and guess what the person who called was like the rest of them if you dont like it lump it .

This farse called the csa is set once agian by our great mp`s who do not live in the real world yet what do will all do (not me included) is vote for these lying people to run our country.Now all of you who are complaining that you cant afford to pay are not to have a life you must not work overtime because that goes agiast you.

With the big fuss the goverment made of late about pensions why pay into to one when they only give you 50% relief on your pension so low and behold your hit 1 and times for it. OH BY THE WAY A NEW LAW WAS PASSED THE OTHER DAY THAT IF YOUR EX IS STILL GETTING CHILD BENIFIT YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR CHILD IF HE IS STILL IN EDUCATION AT THE AGE OF 20 HOW LUCKY ARE WE.

Now i could sit here and rant about my ex but that would make me as low as her I HAVE PAID FOR MY CHILDREN AND NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT. But to you all who are paying your csa and to the people who cant get a penny out of your ex¬s all stick together pack in work and let this goverment look after you becuase if you arrive here from distsant shores and want to stay here then this goverment will bend over backwards to support them. So if there are say 1 million people paying into the csa thats 1 million more on the dole queue lets see what the goverment wnants to do then.

I am on the old system by where they take just under 28% of my wages yet i could sit next to a work mate who has 3 kids and he will only pay 25% of his wages so is this fare well according to the goverment and the csa yes it is so once again if you dont like lump it.

To this end all the poor souls who took there lives because of the CSA (there blood is on your hands) hope you can sit there with your cups of tea in work today and feel proud of yourselves.


  • sarah Briers says:

    Were paying 40% again at the moment our mp keeps fighting to get it down but then they wack it up again! Were buying food with 4 credit cards n have no life neither do any of our kids!

  • John says:

    I have been involved with this crock of shit since 2000, have always paid what was asked of me………..but it was never enough to them……they always wanted more……….so they stitched me up with £6,400 of ‘alleged’ arrears in 2009.

    I am left with one child? (yeah 18) to pay for, and am concerned that you say that the law has changed to pay up unitl 20, whilst they are in education………….Can somebody clarify this please?

    I left school at 16. I had a job and went to college in the evenings. I did not rely upon my parents, other than for a roof over my head. I believe that it made me a stronger person to get out into the real world at any early age.

    Molly codling 19 and 20 years old, whilst in college/university or government dumping grounds to keep them off the dole and unemployment figures, and giving them a £30 book grant, is having a detrimental affect on those young adults who aspire to having a secure, well paid job. Some of them, not all of them will end up on the minimum wage doing menial jobs, What is the point?

    As it stands, I have 8 months of my sentence to go, and will no doubt soon be hearing the letterbox creek, as another brown envelope drops onto the matt, with a demand for money from these lying, corrupt, thieves!

    I will be seeking retribution, when ANY politician or councillor requests my vote or help in anything to do with what they want!

  • Carol says:

    Yes it’s true about paying until a child is 20. I agree how are children supposed to learn how to fend for themselves.

    CSA is a disgrace and Peter I do agree, if everyone in the system walked out of a job there would be no agency. There are so many discrepanies with the Agency that it is very unfair.

    Sara have you completed an income and expenditure form to prove you cannot afford the arrears. My partner (now ex!) managed to get his reduced from 40% to 25%.

    I really hate what this Agency do to 2nd families. Our situation they were leaving my partner with £410 pm. We have nursery fees to pay for our youngest which are more than what ex was bringing home. Our eldest is at college doing an advanced course so no longer a qualifying child. Because me and his father were together he would not get a bursary to help with his studies. We got a small bit of help in tax credits but that was it due to having one qualifying child (the youngest). The financial pressure broke me as my own 2 children were being failed as there was no money for them, got to the stage youngest was needing clothes as they do and there was no money for it.. Me and ex were eating soup for tea etc. because kids had to be fed before us. Now as a single parent I get most (not all) nursery fees paid and my son gets a bursary to help him through his studies (he also has a part time job but does not need to do as much overtime and can concentrate on his studies). Financially other Government departments give us more to live on than what my ex was bringing home but the CSA still seem to think it is right to take this money. We were effectively living in poverty.

    If only the powers that be would stop thinking what they put down on paper is workable because it quite clearly isn’t.

    Sorry for the rant!! but if only the general public really knew the truth of this Agency. There are no many nrp’s in the situation me and my ex are in, and so many pwc who are also being failed.

  • j says:

    Carol on September 20th, 2012

    Sorry for the rant!! but if only the general public really knew the truth of this Agency. There are no many nrp’s in the situation me and my ex are in, and so many pwc who are also being failed.

    You dont need to apologise at all. The csa are a disgrace but what is even worse is the political establishment who continue to ignore us voters and support this expensive and failed branch of the DWP. The media are just as culpable, they should be exposing this disgusting organisation. Keep fighting, complaints to the csa, letters to your MP and details to the press!!! Keep it up, in fact NRP and PWC should start a joint campaign to shut the csa down.

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