Honesty doesn’t pay with the CSA

November 7, 2014

My ex thought i was earning more than i actually was. What she didnt realise is that i was actually paying 20% more than i was actually required to because i was concerned the boys (x2) were missing out on after school clubs such as football, spanish and music for example for approximately 5 years.

At her request i was assessed through the CSA paying the £20 one off fee for the privilege. They asked how many nights over the last 12 month period the boys had stayed with me (159 nights). As i had warned her (careful what you wish for) the the amount due went down by 20% and the CSA wrote to the ex to inform her of this.

She as ever went ballistic, had challenged this with the CSA as she threatened. If she disagrees with this number all she has to do is state that and the figure calculated automatically defaults to me having them one night per week whether or not it is false information or not. CSA: “its just the way it is because we often find that Dads don’t have them as many nights as they say they will”. this is not infuriating at all especially when its the other way round if anything.

She want her cake and eat it and appears the law bends over to that. Who said honesty pays? It doesn’t. Any help, advice or experience on how to progress is much appreciated. Thank you.