His ignorance is allowing him to evade supporting his children

February 15, 2014

I have 3 children with my ex husband who now has 2 more and a stepson living with him in his mortgaged property. He went self employed in 2010 sept and although he has worked cash in hand( evidence provided to csa) he has paid no NI stamp or tax so there is no record of his earnings.

The csa have set a default figure of payment of 50 per week and with arrears from this period and a previous seperation he now owes over 6000. He has been summoned to court twice and there is a charging order against his property. He ignored court bailiffs so they passed the case back to the csa. I am told that as there is currently no equity in his property and he has children there they can do no more as laws were changed to protect the absent parent.

How can it be right that despite being given evidence his ignorance can allow him to evade supporting his children. He can’t claim poverty if he doesn’t need to claim any benefit but can still pay his mortgage. What good does a charging order do me in helping to support my children? Please any advice? Is there any more Ivan do?


  • swanson says:

    I don’t want to screw my ex over as he has another family to support as well and I allow him full access even though he has made no contact with them for 3 years, not even Xmas card. I’d welcome a private arrangement but he just doesn’t want to offer any support. I think women and men can be as guilty of trying to screw each other over and it’s the kids that suffer. I think if you choose to have kids you should both be prepared to support them. I don’t think csa should provide enough of an incom for the pec to not work and I would happily have the money paid into a fund for my kids to give them a start in life so that my ex knew it was going to them.

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