He’s already in arrears but nothing is being done – is there anything I can do?

August 22, 2013

Hi,my ex was paying me straight to myself until he lost his job, the csa have been chasing my ex since January as I found out he was working. I had to tell them where he worked 3 months ago and they are still waiting on employers and tax office getting back to them as my ex is ignoring everything.is there anything else I. CAn do as he already is in arrears with alot of money and I feel that nothing’s getting done to chase it up until I phone.

And before anyone starts to slate me, I have a full time job caring for my sick daughter, constantly in and out of hospitals, routines of medicines and bad behaviour, my kids disowned their own dad because he treated his stepdaughter better and they got a row for telling tales when the step daughter was hitting them, they spent their time shut playing in a room, not time with their dad.it’s not the kids fault he treated them like this so by god he will pay for his kids if he cant b bothered to look after them right!!

Nobody should have kids if they aren’t willing to support them until their 18th birthday at the least. There’s genuine parents out there.

Il look forward to some help and advice x


  • Sally says:

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable of the OP to expect money from her ex!! BOTH parents should contribute… If this woman’s child is in and out of hospital because of illness then she needs all the help she can get… There are some PWCs who are victims too!!

    The CSA supports NRP who don’t want to pay ANYTHING for their kids and greedy, vindictive PWC who put money before their kids but it doesn’t seem to help the decent NRP OR PWC…

  • karen says:

    Duncan Smith – you are a father with statements like that, no wonder you have problems!
    Andrew Jones, learn to spell and what an awful person you are too!
    You will get idiots like this, but there are some valid comments too.
    Join the facebook group Child Support Agencies Failings for advice and support with no name calling, bullying or abuse, good luck.

  • claire says:

    Thank you Karen and everyone for the advice, I eexpected a few comments from men! If they had bothered to read it properly then they would realise my kids are in and out of hospital… My kids needed a councillor for what their dad done to them. And for your information Andrew the money their dad pays goes straight to them not me… I dont give a Damn who says what but a bad mum, I think u need to take ur nasty lowlife little comments and tell them to who wants to listen because I’m the one who’s given up my career and never get out because I’m always at hospitals, I always put my kids first before my life, my kids are I. Pain every day and if uv got kids then I think u best take a look at ur own situation because it’s men like u that deserve their kids to disown them…dobt have kids if ur not willing to support them! 🙂

  • Gonk says:

    I agree with Sally.
    As usual the man hater karen rears its ugly head promoting the other site and putting down Nrp’s as usual. She only ever comments when a pwc post. And claire, I sympathise with you and respect you and those that deserve respect, we have to take your word for it when you say all the money goes to the kids.
    What I do not respect you for and all the rest of you pwc is the taring of all NRP’s with the the same brush as the deadbeat dads..we rant and rave on here about the unfairness of this skank CSA and how it favours pwc and has zero time or tolerance to NRP’s. Do you think we come on here ranting for the sake of our healths ?? We are branded as low life’s by the likes of you and the man hater Karen. Karen Bedford has no time or respect for any man that either comments on here or post on here, she proves this by nature of her sarcasm …did I spell that correctly Karen my love ?

  • Sally says:

    The bottom line here though is that the CSA ONLY help themselves…. they will listen to you but they will do very little to help you…Gonk is right when he says the CSA has zero tolerance to NRP’s…

    The whole system is wrong, from the formula in the initial assessment to the stupid, ignorant staff we have to deal with by telephone… I sincerely do believe that the system lets decent NRP’s down more than decent PWCs and this is because it is taking from NRP’s who are already paying for their children but the idiots at the CSA need to get their bonus so they will make DECENT NRP’s ‘non-compliant’ so they can raise DEO’s and falsify arrears, all so they can get their bonus..

    the new CSA system (CS3) takes 7% from the PWC and 20% from the NRP… how ANYONE can see that as fair or equal is beyond me….

    The sooner the CSA is outed and replaced with an HONEST, RELIABLE SYSTEM … the better…. the very people it was set up to target (ABSENT FATHERS WHO PAY NOTHING)… are still absent and still not paying because the CSA has found another way to get their money… from stealing from decent NRP’s….

  • claire says:

    hi gonk, i think u missunderstood me, I wasnt having a go at you…i was merely having a go at some of the dads on here that were saying get a job, give up ur kids…I cannot stand nasty little people like that. I ask for advice then i get judged…My kids go through hell with their health, its me thats given up everything for them and their so called dad just walks away. Im a mum, i dont even know who i am as a person because its me and my kids 24-7, i dont get a break or go out, I know not all dads are like this but i was merely expressing my anger towards people like duncan and andrew. I look after my kids well and if it was down to their dad, the world would have another 2 kids in it feeling unloved and being very angry, so i think those 2 need to stick their nasty words where the sun dont shine because irrespectful of what theyve been through, not all women are the same either x

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