He’s a con man who takes advantage of others

December 20, 2013

hi there
, my son moved in with his farther in September after 19 years of living with myself. His farther was paying £10 a fortnight to myself for 14 months before this.

for the years before this he managed to dodge the CSA himself and not pay me any of this. in witch time he had his own business for 18 months and worked several jobs [ that he quit as soon as the CSA caught up with him].

As a con man that has done time in prison and always taken advantage of others, i feel as thought the system dose not work,

I have worked all my life and spend this time working hard as a single mother to bring my son up.

they estimate that i now have to pay around £58 a week to the CSA with no back pay from his farther as he is now on benefits.

I am looking for help with this as i suffer from stress and anxiety and this has been a real strain and am worried that my mental health will suffer because of this.

many thanks


  • Geoff says:

    Your mental health can’t be too good anyway if you can’t spell FATHER.

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