Her washing machine broke and I won’t fix it, so I’m being denied access to my son!

November 19, 2014

My young lad is 5 and yet after 4 years of separation from his mum we ‘get on’ ok…. That is until she wakes up in a bad mood and suddenly everything is my fault and that I don’t do enough for my son blah blah blah although I work away in the week and have him every weekend as well as pay her monthly maintenance.

The latest pisstake is that I have had access stopped because my son has broke her washing machine and I won’t fix it….. What the f**k?? And yes I am serious! I’m a refurbishment fitter so have not a clue how to!! Now I’ve Been called all the names under the sun and been called a bad dad over and over again and now been threatened with csa!!! Csa isn’t about the kids anymore it’s a form of attack that mums use to humiliate dads. Also in her methods of stopping me see’in my son, she’s not workin and loosing money as she claims and boasts that once I am allowed to see my son…. She will refuse to have him bk until I loose as many days of work as she has…. Although she is the one refusing me access! What sort of mum or even human being does that?

And yet if I kick off at her, in the laws eyes I will b seen as being in the wrong! The laws are absolute bullsh*t in these situations! Not all dads r sperm donors and do care about their children.


  • King Canute says:

    Be warned – this is how it starts and it will only get worse if you play it by the book. Not all women are like this but there are a few and the CSA will side with your ex on everything. My ex was living with a chap on over £40 000 a year in the early 1990s and in receipt of every benefit under the sun but still wanted to screw me over for as much cash as she could. I was on £6489 a year. She called me all the names and told my kids that I didn’t care about them,. Then she frustrated contact at the same time. I told the CSA of her relationship and they told me it was none of their business and none of my business. Yet everything my ex told the CSA they took as gospel truth. My advice is to go self employed as soon as possible because once the PWC (usually the woman) starts doing the things your ex is doing.your life will be hell – CSA Hell.

  • Gonk says:

    Yep…king kanute….sums up this agency and a lot of the mothers that exploits its easy money campaign.
    My ex, don’t give a flying fuck if I see my daughter or not, so long as she’s bleeding me of nearly 4 grand a yr, whilst she claims every benefit under the sun and has a full time working live in partner.
    This bitch left me after just 9 months married lol and took my 3 yr old with her to live in Germany with her new cock.
    I was bled by her in Germany as well via the kindergarten. The bitch moved back to uk and straight to csa.
    I’m the one shit on by this bitch and now pay for the privilege. No one get me wrong, I have NO objection providing for my daughter, I object to being forced to provide for her bitch mother and her partner. I should be able to give/spend directly on my daughter as much as I want, and would, but since I’m forced to just hand it over to the bitch to piss up on herself and her partner as they choose, I have little left to do anything with my daughter. Fucking CSA care about kids welfare or parent/ child relationship…..pmsl…never in a million yrs.
    the pwc uses the kid as a cash cow and the Nrp as the ATM machine.

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