Help with CSA & multi millionaire who avoids payment

March 24, 2012

I have a daughter who has just turned 18 yrs old she is a real credit to me and I have raised her alone as a single parent which has been really hard I have suffered severe hardship over the years and chronic periods of depression, having no real family support this has been extremely tough and when I look back I dont know how I have got through it but I have and I have a beautiful daughter who I am so proud of

Her so called father has never paid child support. He is a very rich property developer and estimated to be worth 10 million he owns lots of property in uk and rents them out. I have fought this case with the csa for years and they have been absolutely useless. I have been to my mp I have written to the csa and complained I have informed them of everything he owns where he lives etc. As Sophie is in full time education until she is 19 she still comes under the csa. They have just written to me and said the case will now be closed as he lives in the isle of man.

I am in the process of an appeal to re-open the case as he does not live in the isle of man he lives just down the road from me and he always has lived there. I have always made sure my daughter has had contact and over 18 years this is where she has stayed with him at his home.

He is a very well known local property owner in our community and has never lived in the isle of man FACT. In my investigations I have found that he has bought two properties in the IOM and has set up a limited company there and he is the director. There is a paper trail with land registry showing how he has used other people to hold properties in their names for him to avoid the csa for all these years and now they are all back in his name. I really want to fight this case.

1. To prove he has been hiding his assets to avoid payment.

2. To have a court hear the case and prove he does not and has never lived in the IOM.

3. Compensation case against the csa for mal administration and letting me and my daughter down so badly in any enforcement action against him.

This is a really complex case and I cant get all the details down here but I really need help I need a good solicitor who is expert in these areas of law but I dont know if I can get legal aid and I am absolutely broke on the verge of losing my home. I have been looking into Reciporcal Enforcement Maintainance Agreements (REMO) that I believe I can file at the local magistrates. Its all been so unfair and he just gets away with it and laughs in my face.

I would be grateful of any advice or help. Thanks Cathy


  • Jodie Alder says:

    As both a parent of a teenager without contact with her father through his choice and a 2nd wife to my husband who has 4 teenagers I struggle to understand how you are broke and going to loose your house because of him???? My ex-husband left and I have continued to bring my daughter up for the past 15 years 10 of these BY MYSELF!!!! I have not claimed child maintenance…why??? Because I’m also capable of providing for her, yes its been on the poverty line but why should I fight to take money when we are both responsible!!!?????? Better yourself like I’m doing, get a better job you don’t NEEED his money!!! I have taught my daughter that money has to be earn not expected!! You would do well to heed the same! I’ve seen both sides of the coin, my husband of 3 years has 4 kids from his first marriage, he has always worked, she prevents him from seeing the kids because she is bitter, its not their fault yet she has brainwashed them!! She continually demands more money, continually informs the CSA he is working beyond his means…. I have a job too so we have two incomes, not a large amount but enough yet she constantly asked for him to be re-assessed and surprisingly they won’t accept what his wage slips say!!! I EVEN have to make payments from my wage to her to STOP him being arrested yes they went for the liability order and a deduction of earnings even though he’s NOT missed a payment all because she continues to contact them!! I have paperwork that fills two box files of everything we have sent and everything we have received yet they still can’t match it up, we have two offices dealing with his case, two different reference numbers yet this is our fault for having a child in this household too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Provide for your child, anything you get from him is extra, that DOESNT mean your entitled to it!!! As a single parent I’ve learnt this, my daughter will grow up knowing I SUPPORTED HER not some stay away dad yet always remember my husband who has lost £30k in legal fees whilst fighting to see his kids but because he’s the absent parent he has not rights, he’s not a money machine, he deserves to see his kids but we can’t afford it, does the CSA listen??? NO!!!!!!!!!! They want their money at all cost even if the figures aren’t right even if that means I have to take from my daughter and pay from my wage to keep him from losing his driving license etc…. Yes I’m prepared to do that because we deserve more so wind your neck in and provide for your daughter you are JUST AS RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell are you talking about????? I have worked all my life brought my daughter up and taken full responsibilityl. I have never stopped her having contact with her dad in fact I have encouraged it. He needs to take responsibility. When two people have a child you both take financial and emotional responsibility for that child…. he has not and I have every right to fight my case firstly for my daughter and myself so wind your neck in and unless you have something constructive and worthwhile to write dont bother to comment. What person in there right mind thinks a parent worth millions should not pay for there childs upbringing….????

  • Carol says:

    Jodie I completely agree with you. I was a PWC and never got a penny maintenance via the CSA for 11 years. Now engaged with 2 kids to my partner who is being crucified by the CSA and my kids are struggling financially as we do not have the money to spend on them. On the other hand his ex lives with her partner (she was having an affair and left) both work, plenty money and comfortable lifestyle and we also do not have contact with that child.

    I really do not know what the CSA are doing at all? I think the only reason they have not done away with this agency is because of the potential job losses.

  • Carol says:

    Getting back to your situation. I don’t think a solicitor would be of much use as the CSA appear to be above them. I know in my city, solicitors do not bother to even represent people involved with the CSA disputes because they can never be won.

    Is your daughter in advanced education? If she is then you would not get maintenance anyway via the CSA. Have the CSA ever completed an assessment in the past?

    You mentioned you made an official complaint before, was this resolved? If not then do another complaint letter.

    The CSA are a disgrace and alot of people are losing out because of them but like I have mentioned in my last post financially I was better off a single parent than the situation I am now in. I have always worked since my eldest was 6 months and although things were tight now they are diabolical because of this Agency.

  • Carol I feel for the men that are crucified by the csa by there ex wifes who dont allow them to see there children. It is wrong which is why my daughters father should not get away with it when other men are being crucified. My daughter is in further education and moving on to study for a degree.
    The csa and her father have had a serious impact on her life and mine in many ways over the last 18 years. I have complained and it was not resolved and i am now in the process of complaining again I am also writing to the chair of CMEC. As far as I have been informed if she is in further education and I receive child benefit we are still under the csa. There are solicitors that are experts in dealing with the csa you can find online. I am also putting my case into the courts and I will fight this and take to the high court if necessary. This is not all about money this is about morals and taking responsibility for children. I was offended by Jodie comments on telling me to take responsibility when I have worked hard all my life brought my daughter up and tried my best for her. Why should he get away with it?

  • Mooster says:

    If it was me and my ex was a multi millionaire I would name and shame the guy publicly!!!!!
    I brought up my son on my own without assistance he is in the army now. Your ex shouldn’t think that he is above the law if necessary look at privately sueing the guy ensuring he pays legal costs if he loses get a good solicitor. A public court battle may make him settle out of court.

  • Hi Mooster

    Thanks for your comment and yes I think that is the way forward I am going to have a look for a good solicitor who is expert in csa/fraud. Only problem being I cant afford to pay for that right now may see if I can get legal aid but I doubt it.
    thanks for your advice

  • louise pykett says:

    do away with csa and take it back to the courts , catherine i feel for you i have had a situation much the same they did a deduction of earnings on my ex 12 years ago so six weeks later he quit his job my daughter is 20 he’s had no contact till recently and guess what he lives at the same address he did 12 years ago he’s just ignored them for 12 years he still works at the same place so it seems he quit for a couple of weeks then went back , every time i rang csa they said were tracing him threw tax , i kept telling them he was at same address but 12 years later it turns out that none of my case workers never bothered to contact tax office i complained to ice it took them 2 weeks to find him threw tax office and now they say i was never treated un fairly keep fighting and letter writing catherine good luck xx

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