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Help in fighting the Child Support Agency

I will start from the beginning.

Basically got married and within a few months my wife got pregnant and I was sent to the spare room!!! One day she went for me throwing punches and kicking me with which I held her off by holding her arms, result of this she took me to crown court and produced photos of bruises on her upper arms from where I held her also saying I was violent towards her and she was in fear of her life, I did not even get a hearsay in court and have never ever raised my hand to a woman. The out come of the case was the judge said I was unfit to be a father and have no parental rights to this child what so ever not even allowed to send a birthday card.

I now find out I owe 28,000.00 child maintenance to the csa.

What to do I have no idea.

The child in question is now 18 its not that I would have begrudged paying towards her its the fact that I remember saying about money towards the baby but that was when the judge said under no circumstances are you to have anything to do with the child.
Dont know which way to turn.

I also feel robbed of a daughter.

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