He quit his job on purpose to avoid CSA

March 20, 2014

My sins dad had never paid a penny for his son in 8 years.

I contacted csa who contacted him and arrangements was made in the 15.1.14 to pay £31 per week and on the 22.1.14 he purposely quit his job, where does that leave me and my son now?

Will csa notify me if he works again or claims jsa or what…..! me and his dad do not talk and he does not see his son so I would never know.


  • Lisa says:

    Maybe money is far more important to these women who claim because they have kids to somebody that person owes them a free ride for 20 years, why not get a job and support your “son” that’s what normal parents do equally support their children, without the interference of the ex support agency, put your child first and not pound signs

  • Law says:

    @ Lisa!!! Bless you!!!!!! 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I’m sure if these mothers were told unless they worked and contributed half of the amount to their kids instead of the state giving them cash they wouldn’t run to CSA as quick, any blame any guy for leaving work, the CSA have no morals the staff are shameless nasty and make so many mistakes that most nrp are found to be non compliant, maybe if every guy downed tools for one day in protest against the abhorrent CSA maybe practise would really change

  • LauraG says:

    I know Kelly and her son and unlike you judgemental narrow minded people I know the actual story! Her sons Dad has never been interested in getting to know his child, and neither has any of his family for that matter! The child’s dad purposely quit his job because he found out he’d have to pay CSA whilst he was in employment but not if he was on benefits. He’s a low life scumbag who should be ashamed of himself!!

  • Law says:

    @ Amanda Johnson

    Which would be more inspiring to the child –
    OPTION 1: “Your dad didn’t pay child maintenance so I studied late at night, got myself an open university degree and got a job so I could provide for me and you”
    OPTION 2: “Your dad didn’t pay maintenance so I embarked upon using a publicly decried institution to try and get some money from him. It made every one’s interaction a whole heap more dysfunctional but I’m happy because my online friends said I should keep being a pain. Oh by the way, I collected ALL the benefits the government kept throwing at me. Still, I wasn’t satisfied! Aren’t I the model parent?” Then the child, now an adult asks “Why didn’t you just focus on bettering yourself?” The mother responds “You’re just like your dad, so ungrateful for my sacrifices, blah blah blah”

    Years later, due to the mother’s inability to forgive/let go/move on, etc, she’s still bitter. Perhaps more so than she was when she was younger, for she realizes that she shot herself in the foot with a bazooka and wasted her existence whilst desperately trying to martyr herself for no reason.

    I know which I’d prefer if I were that child…

  • Kel says:

    My husband had no other choice than to leave his job! He earnt £1200pcm, we were paying £200 for maintenance, we couldn’t afford our bills or rent. We weren’t allowed to see his child, because she told us she gets more off the csa if there’s no contact. He quit his job and we claimed benefits (like his ex), we was getting £1650pcm and had to pay her £20! The systems a joke! He’s spent 2yrs in college and is hopefully soon to be working again. What happened to the ex and his child? She gave him up a week after the she was getting £5 a week, and continued to claim maintenance and benefits for him for another year, and he now lives with his grandparents, and we see him every weekend! Best thing he ever did was leave work and go back to college

  • Law says:

    @ Mick – good for you! You can try taking your ex to court on self-representation and 9.99 out of 10 times, you’ll be granted access to your daughter.
    A good letter supporting your C100 form should set things straight. Children need fathers as well as mothers.
    If you have some fight left in you, show your daughter that you care and don’t give up until you get access. It does wonders for a child to know that he/she has a father out there that will not give up the good fight!

    Good luck.

  • Justice is Sweet says:

    Get a job and stop whinging.

  • Deb says:

    I find Lisa hilarious she obviously knows nothing about feckless fathers. Try this , disabled son who his father insisted got disability so didn’t need to 💰 arrears written off when son died. Never paid for two other sons and his daughter. Not interested. Only ever wanted to get at me via kids that meant babysitting to him (quote) that’s why I got rid amongst the mind games and cruelty. He took me to court and was laughed out by judge for access he said he never had and his solicitor sacked him. Another court date set and he didn’t turn up, I gave the judge the number and he couldn’t wake him up after his drink and his dope ! . He owes 8000 arrears and has just resigned his position in a taxi firm …what a crock 😡 He hides behind his gf #angelaemmerson #jamesmark purvis #markpurvis @radartaxis #northshields I rest my case ! #whitleybay

  • Deb says:

    Lisa having a feckless father around kids is worse ….

  • Michelle says:

    Not all mothers are after money. I had arrangement with me ex to see kids regularly and he pays a certain amount a month. 3 wks before xmas my eldest wanted to swap weekends. We have always had a flexible arrangement. He spits his dummy out and says if they want talk they call him if they want to see him I have too drive 2hrs hours to drop them off he’s not doing it any more. Even though he would see them an average of once every 6weeks and that’s me being generous and not contact them for average of 10 days. I have lent him money to see them payed his car insurance so he could see them ..slept on sofas to drive up to his so he could see them. He nearly made us homeless stole my car and and took childminding money and didn’t pay child minder when he left but I still helped. So I now have gone to csa.. not for money but my 16hr a week wage can’t cover travelling costs to his even with the tiny contribution he pays. so the money will go towards him seeing them regularly and no more messinv them around. He goes round saying he misses them this that and the other yet when I was down the road and asked if he wanted to take them out for lunch for a few hours as I was visiting friends…No response I maybe a mug but the girls need to see him and he wants to see them but he’s messing them around

  • will says:

    Michelle, i commend your reasonable and tactile approach to co-parenting. Whilst his actions are unreasonable to a point, the csa/cms will only deterioate what relationship you currently have with the father, however megre.
    You are doing right by the children in making all efforts to enable contact and i only wished other pwc would take heed of this.
    I strongly recommend not using the csa (albeit for your genuine reason) it simply isn’t worth the anguish this organisation will cause you, including the children.

  • Hunkster says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your way of thinking.

  • David says:

    So it’s OK for a woman to get an abortion but if man wants nothing to do with a child he never wanted then he’s a lowlife

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