He hasn’t done anything wrong – he just wants to be a dad!

November 27, 2013

Hello my partner is currently going through problems with his ex to see his son who is 4 in january. she has denied contact made up lies got him arrested even tho he did nothing wrong.

she put a non molestation order on him 2years ago anyway he let the dust settle and went back to court got a contact order to see his son but she broke it all because he got a job and was only availble to see his son weekends. now she nos he has a job she went to csa and they phoned up and said we owe 407 pounds, im worried they will take his full wage or gett bailefs on us i cant sleep at night worrying we are also waiting to go back to court as she broke the order.

he doesnt mind paying but not until he gets to see his son hes never done anythink wrong he just wants to be a dad its so unfair


  • Tim says:

    It’s an all too common occurrence sadly. But access to the child and CSA payments are not connected and the CSA will not concern themselves with your wellbeing, financial situation or right to a family life in seeing the child.

    You need to use the courts to gain a C100 contact order. Get over to http://www.dad.info and check out the Legal Eagle forum for some help and advice.

  • Pete says:

    Hey Caz 1991Jump on this group for some well sound advice and support https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/204256966364149/

  • Lisa says:

    Unfortunately the CSA are not interested in access, they are plain and simple a debt collection agency, I would however question any arrears as CSA are prone for making things up as they go along, for access going back to court is a must, all the CSA will want is payment and if you don’t pay when they ask they will take it direct from your partners wages,

  • jo says:

    Its these situations that make my blood boil….I’m a pwc who would do anything for my kids to have their dad in their lives but he chose to walk away and then you get pwcs like this, who in my opinion actively make themselves single parents!!

    Do everything you can, keep hold of all the paperwork because years down the line the child in question will see how
    hard your partner has tried….karma!!

    They can only take a maximum of 40% and enforcement usually only happens if your partner becomes non compliant and the debt grows.

    Keep on top of all correspondence from the csa.

    Good luck

  • Ellie Milao says:

    Hey Pete what’s the name of the grop. I clicked on your link n it just takes me to my home page. Thanks

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