Have to split from wife just so she can have money for our kids

August 4, 2012

My story is probably like evryone elses but with an interesting twist. I was in a happy relationship with my now wife and we had 1 of child he is now 17.

One night I was really drunk and had a one night stand with a bar maid in my local bar. She got pregnant and i did the dna test to prove that it was mine and paid her money towards the child. I have never seen or had any contact with the mother and child. I then get contacted from the CSA for non payment. She had told them that I was not paying her a penny ( Lie 1). I then had child 2 and then child 3 with my now wife and she is 7 months pregant with child 4. I decided to change jobs to better our future.

I contacted the CSA and told them about the change. 6 weeks passed i then contacted them again and finally got my assessment forms through. I filled them in explaining that I had many changes to inform them. 1. Mortgage 2 4 year old and 1 on the way. the assessment gets done and I have to pay her now 1/2 my wages and a carers allowance for a child that she wanted to have. CSA wont take into consideration any bills that we have to pay i.e Gas Elec full Mortgage and other bills. Every time we speak to the CSA we get different answers to our questions. I guy even said that we shouldn’t be paying anything.

What is the issue: 1. No compliance by the CSA they speak about child poverty blah blah. my kids have to live off of 160.00 per month while she gets 648.00 per month for 1 child. the system is wrong. Now we have to split up due to this and live separate lives so that my wife and kids can get benefits…This country is going down the pan


  • lisa says:

    The best thing you can do is give up work, if your mortgage is interest then you should get help towards it, why should a slapper like that get all your hard earned cash, she knew she wasnt taking precautions on your one night stand she takes the consequences of her actions, good luck and let us know how you get on,

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