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Has anyone taken the CSA to court before?

I’m raising a group of those badly treated and failed by the former CSA.

I intend to take a ‘class action’ against the CSA and need those who no longer pay because the children are adults(NRP)or parents who did not receive monies(failure to collect or inappropriate figures.

I also need to know if anyone has taken the former CSA to court?

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  1. When I found out I wasn’t the dad Csa only gave me half the money back, why didn’t I receive the full amount!? And why wasn’t the mum forced to pay me back like I had to!? Worse days of my life, the Csa should be scrapped!!

  2. The way to do them is by Judicial Review…they roll up and crawl back into the woodwork when threatened with that.

  3. I have paid my dues and am out of this ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘complete shambles’.

    However, I still have the scars of being a decent, honest person, who was treated worse than scum, by the incompetent arseholes at the CSA.

    If a class action is successful, could it please be advertised via the press, in order that I can support the class action and seek compensation from these ‘lowlife scumbags’!

  4. Haha! I John completely agree with you and like you I’m no longer ‘receiving’ any thing although of course you can imagine how I miss the £2.50 per week I was getting or the constant letters from the CSA which made no sense, didn’t inform and were simply computer generated (bit like the staff, I imagine!).
    I need to get a few people together to get a class action and I’m simply going down the line that they were inefficient and a direct cause of total breakdown between me and my ex-husband. etc. So like you I intend to claim compensation.

  5. Thanks Jackie.

    Dealing with the CSA, had a profound affect on me, and all I wanted to do was provide for the children. However, the intervention of the CSA, brought upon by a very bitter and twisted ex ( who by the way, left a child behind and refused to pay for that child until I got the CSA involved – works both ways – yet the CSA conveniently let her off for two years of non payment) caused me to be alarmed and distressed by their continual maladministration of my case, where my M.P. was involved, and I was receiving apologies from the ‘so called’ executives at the CSA.

    What happens between parents and their children (not the CSA’s children, not the governments children, not the courts children) is for them to sort out via mediation where necessary. It should not be left in the hand of incompetent amateurs at the CSA!

  6. I have 19
    year old twins and have raised them without any help from their father yet he is
    lying by telling the CSA he has had shared care. He has never had the children
    overnight and in fact there was a court order in place which allwed him only one
    night a week overnight stays.
    I have had a claim in place with the CSA since
    they were 5 months old (approx) as I split with their father when I was 5 months
    pregnant. I have in all that time received only 6 monthly payments (approx) Yet
    in January this year was informed (yet again) that a new assessment had been
    made to collect the arrears due to me.
    I was never on a means tested benefit
    while the children were growing up so all of the money due is due to myself. He
    was told to start paying £600 a month and the first payment to be made on 28th
    Feb 2015 for this arrears. I have even offered to half the monthly payment and
    spread the arrears over a longer time to make things easier for him.
    I had a
    call from the CSA today (returning my call from last week, I call them monthly
    at least) to be told he is once again denying owing this money even though the
    CSA admit they have looked into this many times and he does owe this money. The
    CSA rep also said that they can’t find where he is working so can’t make an
    attachment of earning order. I find this hard to believe as I was informed on
    numerous occasions that they can in fact use the Inland Revenue (amongst other
    searches) to find this information. They used the tax office to find him to make this assessment.
    I firmly believe that 19 years is far too
    long to have waited and have been so patient yet to no avail.

  7. Hi, I am interested in taking the CSA to court over their continued mis-management of my case. I am now having issues with the new service (if you can call it that) too. It’s a lengthy complicated case. The CSA should be liable for the money in arrears, as nobody dealt with my case for years. This happened several times, so the arrears kept growing. They are the ones at fault. I received ten assessments in one envelope showing that he could have paid me but he’s not working now. This happened to me twice, mounting the arrears up. The CSA should be made to pay them!

    Hope you can help.

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