Has anyone else had a similar problem with the CSA?

April 2, 2013

Letter to MP.

Interested if any other case is similar to push for reform/refund/compensation!

Dear Sir,

As a Rushden resident, I believe you are my local MP.

Please can you advise and or help:

I have received a letter from the CSA claiming arrears.

The letter confirms that the child maintenance case was closed in 2001.

The letter states the arrears as £548.33 and later in the same letter a different amount of £543.33.

When I was paying the CSA in the late 90’s to 2001 I was led to believe the money was used to offset the benefits my ex wife was claiming.

I have written to them asking them for full information about this as follows:

Under the Data protection act and the freedom of information act I request the following information:

1. A full detailed account of all monies paid by me to your agency.

2. Exactly how you arrived at the “arrears” figure and which amount are you claiming that I owe?

3. Please show clear and detailed account of how my money was dispersed and to which agencies. (What did you do with my money?) 4. Reason why a case that was closed in 2001 is now in arrears over 11 years later.

I strongly believe that all of my hard earned money paid to the CSA was never used to benefit my children. If I had not paid the CSA, the benefits paid to my ex wife would have remained unchanged.

This latest letter gives no reason why arrears are due, and there are 2 conflicting amounts.

If, as I suspect, the CSA simply used my money to support the CSA will you back my claim, not only to have have this demand for “arrears” dropped, but a refund of all monies paid?


Mike Beale


  • Gary says:

    Join the club, we all have the phantom arrears purely invented by the c.s.a on our cases.
    My first phantom arrears appeared when I tried to complete my assessment about twenty years ago.
    when paper work was requested by c.s.a to do the assessment and out of a sealed envelope one piece was missing.
    they requested the missing paperwork another 4 times over the space of nearly 2 years and they disappeared also.
    so got MP involved and a copy materialised on the chief executives desk with an apology for having had it all the time, unfortunately they couldn’t fined the other 4 that disappeared.
    meaning they could only complete my assessment from the date they received that copy, pity it was the last one sent so it could only be assessed from that date so I got hit with a £8 K arrears bill, which proves their is an intelligence be hind phantom arrears FIXED.
    My second phantom arrears bill was because I was paying one amount when I should of been paying a larger amount according to the c.s.a
    The problem with this one was that my paperwork off the c.s.a for the same time period told me I was paying the right amount so their shouldn’t be any arrears but I got hit with a £4133.00 arrears bill and a liability order for it.
    the c.s.a told me I was notified, of which you have all had the you were notified I bet, so mail disappears on the way in and on the way out of the c.s.a.
    But they just happened to save the only copy available for the independent case examiner his reply was he had seen the paperwork and “you were notified and you
    failed to act” FIXED
    Here is a new one to me though as we all have to pay arrears through a bailiff company well the last 2 payments have been returned in full so I would take it that means that I am now finished with the c.s.a all together now and nobody has the common sense to notify me unless of course its disappeared as well.
    So seems like a job for my M.P as I want a letter off c.s.a just to frame, no point me phoning them as wasted two hours last year on 2 separate phone calls and passed from pillar to post and nobody can even find my file so basically I don’t exist.
    Believe me i’m not getting off lightly as this year my two are 28 and 31 and I’ve been paying since 1992.
    So i feel sorry for all you lot out their but i’m not going quietly because i’m going to have my say in my e-mail to my M.P that the c.s.a are the biggest file fixing operation on the planet where peoples cases are rigged rather than assessed.
    as it wasn’t till I started reading all your stories that you also have the disappearing paperwork syndrome/the you were notified/the phantom arrears and so on and that the c.s.a appears to be the only place on the planet that the postman cant reach.
    Oh and the don’t talk to the c.s.a on the phone because they make things up as I once phoned them saying I couldn’t afford to pay more than I already was and guess what 3 days later from the enforcement section I received a letter that they accepted my offer of basically doubling my payment.
    so one can see we all appear to have the same problems with the c.s.a which means our cases have to be fixed.

  • brett says:

    Great comment Gary. I agree with everyhing you say.
    Ive been in the filthy dispicable corrupt CSA system, since it was first set up ( 2 cases ).
    I had paid maintenance every month and always fully complied with them. I then get a letter saying I owe £11,500 in arrears. They claimed the money was owed to the Secretary of State. I was then threatened with baliffs/liability order.
    Im under CSA 1 rules and paying almost 25% of my net pay every month as it is, to a poncing low life woman who has lived a life on benefits.
    The CSA are scum, the way they operate.

  • topper says:

    @Gary, it would be very interesting if you were to request your Data File from the CSA, I wonder if the missing pieces of paper will appear, I have rather suspect that they will be in your file and were there all the time, just that some-one never seemed to be able to find them!!

  • Gary says:

    Brett been there before also, with the money is owed to the secretary of state for benefits my ex wife had claimed
    I got that one in writing so I phoned them and told the c.s.a that no my ex wife had never been on benefits and had always worked and I had proof.
    So they just changed that to no your money has always been paid direct to your ex wife and as we all know before the c.s.a got involved we were all on speaking terms with our ex’s then we all went from speaking to not contact at all.
    I honestly think this is another c.s.a objective so that the fathers have no way of finding out who actually does get the money.
    actually I just bumped in to one of my kids the other day and just happened to mention that I had just finished paying for them that week bearing in mind mine our 28 & 31 this year and she couldn’t believe it and even stated that as far as she knew her mother has never had any money off the c.s.a.
    Obviously when it comes to the c.s.a you can’t really involve your kids to find out anything that the c.s.a get upto with the mother so your completely in that dark the whole time.
    Topper, yes requesting my data file would be very interesting because I always believed that how can the c.s.a make as many mistakes with one case.
    But as stated in a previous post it wasn’t till I started coming on to the c.s.a complaints site that I realised that these are no mistakes the c.s.a supposedly make.
    As we all seem to have the same mistakes on all our cases like the disappearing paperwork/phantom arrears/you were notified/and don’t talk to the c.s.a over the phone because they make things up.
    I would imaging that we also have basically similar independent case examiners verdicts where we are always at fault.
    Original assessment: couldn’t complete because of the disappearing paper work/Verdict was even though the c.s.a had made mistakes you failed to supply paperwork when requested.
    Phantom arrears/verdict was he had seen paper work notifying me of my payment being increased and you failed to act.
    This copy also vanished my thoughts were he isn’t reading from any paperwork that I have and you never throw any paperwork out that you do get off the c.s.a.
    This is the one that my paperwork off them was for the amount I was actually paying and for the same time period that they stated I should of been paying a different amount.
    At court the judge even stated I had a clear case for dispute after having seen my paperwork but passed the liability order anyway.
    Another striking similarity between all our cases is when we get a court date we are all told no need for us to show up.
    As I learned that the reason we are told this is because unknown to us that date at court is only for a liability order to be served against you
    Which just proves how all our files are fixed by the c.s.a and this is the real reason they invent arrears and they always date back years so that arrears are large enough to know before you get there that the judge will automatically give the c.s.a the liability order they have been working on for some time.
    No where else in the world can you have arrears totalling thousand without knowing about them.
    in the real world they would never get that high in the first place and you would have demands for arrears coming through your door that fast you would think the postman was on commission and all this for just a fraction of the arrears that the c.s.a sit on.
    Like I stated earlier with the bailiff company returning my money every month that I have to be finished now but I am not stopping the payment until through my M.P I get a letter off the c.s.a that my case is closed completely and no further arrears are owed because if I stop the direct debit some where along the line i’ll be hit with bailiff charges no doubt, so leave nothing to chance.
    I can honestly say though that I feel sorry for you all out there with years a head of you with these clowns at the c.s.a because lives are being totally wreaked because of their file rigging and they are getting away with it and making out its the fathers that don’t pay for their kid when really its down to their file fixing that give you all a bad name.
    It would be interesting if their was a survey on line where you could find out the numbers who cant complete assessment because their paperwork vanished/ how many have the phantom arrears/how many were notified about payments being increased that created the arrears yet have no knowledge or paperwork of this/etc yes it would be very interesting to know the numbers this would prove they fix files.

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