Hardworking couple being ground down by CSA

August 15, 2014

Hi, So annoyed at the moment with all this CSA crap…. My partner is paying CSA payments to his EX girlfriend but there taking into account my CHILD TAX and WORKING TAX as ALL his income aswell as his wages.

So hold on a minute… Me and my partner CLAIM TOGETHER as a couple so therefore why is all MY CHILDRENS money and OUR working tax credits just counted as his income??? Surely this isn’t right?

We struggle on by as it BOTH WORKING while the EX and her partner are sitting at home on there backsides doing nothing? What the hell is going on with this country so P###ed off at the moment.


  • kelly says:

    This is what i dont understand My partners claim went through in 2013 but because the silly little bitch called them in 2007 but closed the case because he was giving her more money through bank there saying that he isnt on the new scheme because they was a case open 2007??? But surely that shouldn’t be the case? It should be from when she claimed the second time AS this time they do take money of him? SO hold on a minute she gets full benefits and got full benefits when he was paying her through the bank up until 2013. Shouldn’t that be classed as fraud as she wasn’t declaring the money she was getting of him at the time? CSA make me fuc**** sick! Hard working family suffering here with two kids and all there thinking about is taking £185 of a working family for ONE child to give to a scrounging family who hasn’t working a day in her sad little life.

  • kelly says:

    My partner told them that and they said they can find out through my tax credits how much i get. We are a JOINT CLAIM so this is wat they have done. Took all Child tax credits and working tax credits into his earnings so they work out that he gets £320 a week. Am currently on maternity leave, what gives them the right to take our child tax into his wages when we have our two children to look after? [email protected]@@ing joke

  • Bill says:

    If your partner received a closure letter for the case opened in 2007 then he certainly should be on the new CMS system. He should appeal using the letter as evidence.

    If on the other hand it just went to direct pay without the case being closed then you have no grounds.

    People on benefits started to receive the full amount of child maintenance from April 2010.

    All cases on CS1 and CS2 will eventually be closed and transfered to CMS.

  • kelly says:

    They got intouch with him but because she agreed to pay directly through the bank they was never a case through the CSA so why on earth is him on old scheme?

  • Bill says:

    A case is not automatically closed because direct payments are made. The PWC would’ve had to ask for a case closure.
    They would have opened a case to do the maintenance calculation.
    Sounds to me that even though they agreed to direct payments the case remained open from 2007.
    So unless there is a closure letter you are stuck on CS2 until they transfer you to the new scheme.

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