Greedy ex-wife wants my overtime pay

September 13, 2011

Hi gang,do u have time for a new member,divorced my ex over 12yrs ago, assessed and was paying £270pcm, have a new family with 2 step children and do overtime to provide for my new family (food,clothes, holidays etc…….) reassessed in 2006 and was paying £304pcm,now doing the overtime to provide for my family and csa,reassessed in 2011 and now pay £654pcm,yes £654pcm for 1 child now doing the overtime just to pay the csa, holidays, house improvements etc…. gone out of the window,why do the csa take in to account overtime when you do it to provide for everything else,the csa should calculate payments on basic net pay and not include overtime

I am in favour of NRP paying for there child(ren) but screwing us for every hard earned penny is beyond believe,if my ex should have me reassessed in the future then the csa would go up again because of the overtime,my ex is now married and her new husband works for JCB(not a s**t job or wage),the goverment make it to easy for people to stay at home and screw us tax payers, my ex should get off her fat, lazy arse and find a job and contribute to my childs up bringing instead of me working myself into the ground.



  • derek miller says:

    how much do you earn a week or month. how many children do have with your ex? do they stay overnight and if so how many nights? and how many children in your household?

  • steve richardson says:

    I had the same problem CSA assessed me on a month where I did a lot of overtime, I got a letter from my company which I then sent to the CSA stating that overtime is not guaranteed my HR department helped out tremendously, I was paying £500 per month, it is now down to £315

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