Greedy ex and CSA uses me as a bank

February 20, 2011

I currently pay my Ex £460 per month through the CSA for my 3 children. I have never missed a payment, and was royally screwed over in the divorce etc.

Anyways, one of my daughters is due to go on a school trip for a few days in April which is overnight.

The cost for the trip is £80, and she will need some specific clothing (been given a list from school).

My Ex handed me the list at the weekend and said that I need to buy everything on the list for her, as she couldn’t afford it!! and on top of that, I should also pay the £80 fee.

Now, my daughter already has most of the clothing on the list, which I pointed out to my ex, and when I asked why the maintenance money couldn’t be used for the remainder, I was flabbergasted by the answer…“That money is my holiday fund, if I use it for the clothes, I won’t have as much spending money to take with me!!”

I have also noticed that my son needs new clothes drastically! his trousers are all half mast, yet the only new clothes he seems to have are from Christmas or Birthdays, which I or family members have bought for him.

My children are not having the maintenance spent on them, and I am being asked to provide more! £460 a month is not a small amount of money, and should easily cover the cost of bringing them up.

I just about manage to pay my bills, and keep a roof over my head – with no holiday in the last 3 years as I can’t afford one!

She has had on average 3 holidays a year to Spain which I now know is bought for with the maintenance money. I have looked after my kids whilst she has gone away!

It is greedy PWC’s like my ex that are using and abusing good fathers!

I would love my daughter to go on the trip, but I cannot afford to pay it. At the same time, my ex has no intention of paying my daughter will miss out as her mother is a selfish, self-centred idiot.

Anyways, rant over with.


  • John says:

    Having been denied access to my son for years, by what I can only call a ‘money grabbing thief’. He wanted to see me and I agreed. He was going to university. So, I bought him a decent laptop, and gave him £800.

    His mother the thief heard about it and retorted “where is he getting his money from”. Typical!

    She has also been caught out over-claiming tax credits to the tune of thousands and has all ready scammed me, ably assisted by a womans court in divorce to the tune of £77,000. I have all ready paid £29,000 in maintenance.

    When it does ‘kick off’ in this country, as it has in other parts of the world, I will be joining in causing as much grief to the ‘authorities’ as they have caused to me!

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