Greedy CSA is all about the profits

November 9, 2016

Child support is a tax on children for profit It uses scare tactics to exploit money for greedy fraudulent means If a pwc with care cannot agree then it’s abuse and controlling and coercive behaviour I’m a father who has gone through the system of access and got to be with my kids because of the pwc denied contact 5 x Now child support laws can do that for her Take my living wage call it legal and deny my children contact because the law says I’m a worker so I must be a bank to payroll a second home on a low wage ???

Housing benefit child/family working tax credits child support payments part time wage and siblings paying rent ?

Greedy just a bit but child maintenance want there 24% on to As well Just seems to lack common sense A father should be able to have a home for his children if he makes that effort too The only way around child support is to fight against it It’s criminal abusive scare tactic garnish of wages Threats of losing contact with your children homes and belongings Two years of listening to this robots Gross wage tax nic have been paid So it’s net wage after tax Housing contact bills food birthdays Xmas holidays school events No your nrp we need you have we want Pwc is on an excessive amount of free money in combined benefits So by saying they cannot afford to survive on less Is just financial abuse.

Controlling the lack of living by the biological parent by using a system designed to discriminate against wanting to be a father employed or housed.

Sounds like I’m griping about paying no just a fairer % of my wages and chargers are nothing to do with children that the company making profit out of children which is denying children basic needs Even a tribunal finding can be dismissed which also says it’s unfair practice and not fit for business If a parent refuses an offer then consumer rights says an offer was made but refused then it’s finished Deduction of earning at 40% of your wages before tax an nic ? Housing contact living bills and food It says it’s abuse by the goverment advise shop If a company can take so you cannot afford to live eat or be with your children Then it’s abuse Wake up get a grip stop fathers being criminalised over excessive chargers Take action against pwc using third party as a fraud to deny biological parents and grand parents the right to see and be with their children.


  • Maurice Wilson says:

    100 percent true. They are criminals. Appearantly there was a variation form I should’ve don’t at the beginning I only found out about this after years of paying. When I explain that no one told me about this they said it’s too late . plus I wasn’t working for 6 months but I was still paying from my savings because of family court and I been fighting for contact for 3 years end up getting nowhere only to send cards to my 2 girls. So I decide to stop paying until she let me see my children even the social worker and contact centre said she is mentally manipulating / abusing my children but guess what the court can only advise her to encourage my children because they might resent her in the future. I’m 3k in arrears so I told them to put me In prison or kill me !!! because they only using my children for revenue. I only have my children and only fear I had was not watching them grow up since I lost them I have no fear for the system. Ill keep the money until I get to see them .

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