Greed of the ex wife

March 2, 2012

I taken over the care of my daughter in 2004 (my ex wife hasnot spoke to her since)I asked my ex for money for her as I’ve been paying her £30 per week, well she said no so I get the CSA to claim well after her appealing stating the CSA didn’t act for her in 2000 when she put a claim im (the fun starts) well after a visit from the CSA regarding the CSA of 2000 it got passed on to a caseworker which added it up to £6000 from 2000 to 2004 so being helpfull I started paying £30 per month until my appeal and with the data print in hand showing no forms got sent out to me and CSA closed the case in Error I won my appeal and stopped paying as there was no case to answer to (well so I thought) appeal no2 CSA turned up with a handwritten note saying claim forms posted to yes wrong address then handwritten again the correct address. Well I lost the appeal still stating I paid her £30 per week I had to provide proof (in hand) my ex denied any knowledge…. Well I gets a copy of the claim form and states on it £30 being paid as a in arrangment…. still wont accept it was being paid my ex states I’ve never paid a penny since we split up….

So now the CSA gets on and says they want £110 per month paid that for 3years until I phones CSA regarding my appeal and how much is owed on arrears for the 12 time and he states if its on the claim form stop paying… well 3 months pass again gets a call from a new case worker saying shes worked out my arrears to £3000 and we need to arrange a payment so agrees to £80 per month and shes applied for my files to be sent to her and if it states on the claim form £30 per week she will deduct it from the arrears ( I thought yes getting somewhere. Well 2 days later gets the helpfull case worker now she wants £158 per month on a D.O.E asked her why her manager wants It paid off within 2 years I state its a struggle to pay that much but she said it has to be asked about the claim form she said it could be 2 months before the papers arrive on her desk (theres hope for the postman yet.) up to date…..
Can some 1 tell me.

1 – if the claim form states getting £30 per week should that be taken into consideration.

2 – Why can they take the word of a woman that didn’t remember of a case until 5 years later.


  • jay. says:

    They just want to screw anyone any which way they can, if they think they got an opportunity to do it they will, also if its money for the state they will hound you.

  • Andy says:

    Your not alone…. lve provided proof for thousands of pounds cheques standing orders etc etc lve been to everyone for help and after 13 years lm cornered l cannot do a thing about it and shes about to be paid twice! Why is this allowed to happen? Good luck to you mate.

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