Gone to the Independent Case Examiner

June 22, 2011

I first contacted the CSA in 2003 after I returned from working abroad. I separated from my husband in April 2001 and it was only in 2003 that I truly knew the marriage was over and filed for divorce. I had never received any maintenance during that time. My divorce was absolute by 2004. Since that time my ex husband frequently took jobs abroad to avoid the CSA and paying maintenance so I have never received anything. CSA sent me a letter at one point in 2003 saying I would be paid a certain amount each week but my ex husband simply went abroad again and I never saw anything from the CSA.

In February 2011 I finally started to receive £178 per fortnight, £128 entitlement with £50 arrears – which totalled over £3,000, (actual arrears being in excess of £35,000 but I’ll never see that). I rang CSA to check if this was actually going to continue and was assured it was. I knew my ex had settled in the area and held a fulltime position with a big Plc so I assumed the same when CSA told me it was a deduction of earnings order and I would be receiving this amount fortnightly.

I even phoned the Plc on the numerous occasions my ex threatened to leave the job if I didn’t “call CSA off his back”. He’s still with them and is planning to remarry so has “settled” (I hope).

However, the Plc HR department “have not been using the correct reference number” CSA tell me and payments stopped shortly after they started. My ex phones me up regularly to scream that a lump sum has been taken from his wages and the Plc say they’ve made every payment, but ….

All this money – money I desperately need – is sat on their database somewhere, with a “tracking” system looking for it, 3 debt collection teams looking for it, a referral to criminal compliance ??

I am told that 1 missing payment has been found and “sent over to the database from the secondary system” and will take up to 21 days to hit my bank account.

WHAT archaeic systems are CSA using that an electronic payment takes 21 days to hit an account??

Money can be transferred online instantly, and we, as a society, have had that ability for many years now. Who is earning the interest on my money while it sits in the CSA database?

I’ve now complained to John Hanlon, the UK Govt’s Independent Case Examiner in Chester [email protected]

Here’s hoping he does what it says on the tin ?


  • j says:

    The ‘independent’ case examiner is not independent, it is a branch of the DWP who investigate another branch of the DWP to find them innocent of any wrongdoing and protect their ‘sister’ department from complaints from people like us. When they let you down you can get your MP to take the matter to the parliamentary and health service ombudsman.

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