God hates the CSA

February 15, 2011

When it comes to child support laws they are nothing but corrupt.

The ones that are making money are the lawyers, the judges and the states and of course the custodial parents. They could care less for what kind of hurt or burden they put upon you. The custodial parent probably has been hurt through the court proceedings and all they want is revenge, so they take there lawyer buddies and judges and stick it to you. They don’t care what kind of life you have to live or that you cannot live because of there burden. Even when you try to pay usually something always happens and you fall behind and then guess what, you wind up in jail and they think that helps.

Stupid people just don’t now how to think common sense. They aught to know that if you are in jail then you surely can’t pay. They will take your license and anything else they can take. They make it to where you can’t pay and then THEY PUT YOU IN JAIL.

I think it is a dirty rotten shame that people treat people like that especially our own corrupt ass government. I just look for the day that our lord comes back and then we will ALL pay for what we have done. Especially the greedy ones like the judges,lawyers and custodial parents. GOD HATES GREED


  • KMcQ79 says:

    I understand above the door of the CSA is a sign saying…


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