Giving out personal details

April 1, 2011

So I received an email today from someone on your website. I had commented on his story. Imagine my surprise when he emails me directly, the content of the email including an email from you detailing my email address.

Is this how you police your site? You make sure that only people with the same experiences as the others can comment? I do hope he doesn’t start getting abusive. I have had problems of my own witht he CSA, namely their refusal to take more then 40% of my ex’s wages despite his continued non compliance and arrears in the thousands. I am entitled to comment as I see fit without you releasing my information to all and sundry.

I daren’t sign this with my name just in case you pass that on as well. Perhaps others would like to be made aware of what you do?


  • mick says:

    I take it all your wanting to do is totally destroy your ex which in turn will leave him probably homeless and jobless and destroy his relationship with his child, stop being so greedy, selfish and nasty I hope everybody sees your post remember what goes around comes around

  • Darren says:


    It’s general Internet practice that if you comment on a blog post someone has written, they will receive notifications of your comment – as you will receive notification of this one.

    We don’t “make sure that only people with the same experiences as the others can comment” – this site allows eveyone to comment, as you have commented on posts. There’s little point making up lies about us refusing to let people comment if they disagree with a post. We wouldn’t have much of a website if everyone agreed.

    Your comment attacked David Drummond when he was asking for advice. If you entered your email address when attacking the original poster, it’s hardly surprising he responded.

  • Truthhound says:

    I entered my email as it is required. Its not general internet practice to give out my IP and Hub address as well.

    @Mick Yes he is so jobless and homeless paying £5 a week. He owes over £3000 to my children over the last five years and hasn’t paid a penny. When he does declare he is working I get a max of 40% of his wages to cover his arrears which usually go up in the first few months considerably because he refuses to pay anyhting at all without a court order. We don’t get alot considering he is a qualified accountant which has often left me wondering why he is the only accountant working for minimum wage.

    Perhaps, if he was unhappy with the arrangement he would try co-operating with people instead of trying to get of paying anything.

    If anyone is being selfish it is him. Yes, what goes around comes around, I wait for that day. Although sounds a bit like a threat to me Mick, is that what everyone is like on here.

    @CSA HELL Yes a private email I sent to you has now been posted on your site. I did not lie in anything I said. Thank you for replying Mick as I would never have known it was put up here. I certainly didn’t give anyone permission to post it. I’ll have to update the Data Protection people.
    In posting my private email you have confirmed to me this is a site for people who agree with you. Otherwise your response is one of bullying vindictiveness.
    Read my comments to David Drummond, if pointing out the fabrication is an attack that, of course is up to your interpretation.
    However giving out my personal details without my permission is out of order. Posting my private email to you up here without my permission is also out of order. What is wrong with replying to me in a private matter? You would rather behave like this?
    People who do disagree with the contents of your site will see this for what it is and not want to post. That is what I mean by ‘refusing to let people post in disagreement’.

  • Truthhound says:

    You have also posted up my name now. This behaviour is disgraceful

  • Truthhound says:

    Please refer to the last line of my email “I daren’t sign this with my name in case you pass that on as well”
    As I did not put my name in my email, you have also obtained this without my permission and put it up on here. A clear breach of Data Protection which all websites have to adher to.

  • Darren says:

    “obtained this without my permission”

    Katherine – your email was sent from you – emails sent automatically contain your name. Again, that’s standard Internet practice. How else do you think we ‘obtained’ your name? You emailed us.

    “In posting my private email you have confirmed to me this is a site for people who agree with you. Otherwise your response is one of bullying vindictiveness.”

    We have not ‘posted’ your email or supplied your email address to anyone. You replied to a post that David had made, GIVING YOUR EMAIL in the comment. If you did not want to give him your email, don’t comment. If you didn’t want to give us your name, don’t email us. It’s pretty simple.

    Our contact form clearly states that we publish emails on the website. That’s what this website does. You emailed us.

  • Truthhound says:

    I did not give me mail in the comment.

    I emailed you to complain about you giving him my IP ADDRESS and HUB ADDRESS. Instead of emailing me back you have posted my email on here. look it there above. I did post this you did. I did not use your contact form I emailed you directly.

    Please remove my details from your website, as i did not give permission for it to be there.

  • Darren says:

    “I did post this you did”?

    You’re not making a lot of sense now. Your email address is NOT visible on this website. However, you do keep adding it to the site everytime you post a comment. You can’t keep adding your email address while complaining that your email address is on here.

    Make your mind up.

    I can change your name to your alias ‘Truthhound’ if you prefer – but while you keep posting your email address on here you’re on shaky ground with regards to complaining.

  • Truthhound says:

    Should read ‘did not post this you did’ excuse me for the typo.

    Your website should not be giving out my IP ADDRESS and HUB ADDRESS are we going to ignore the fact that this privileged information is not being given with my permission? Does everyone who comments on this blog entry get a copy of my comment with my email my IP ADDRESS AND HUB ADDRESS??

    Take this down. I did not give permission for you to post this up here. It was a direct email to you not your web form. Your behaviour is disgraceful

  • Darren says:

    “privileged information”?

    I hate to break this to you, but whenever you post a comment on a blog (any blog) your IP address is stored. Your email, if you enter one, is also stored and the person who wrote the blog (David in the instance of your aggressive comments) receives a notification email containing this information whenever someone posts a comment.

    The Internet is not anonymous.

    Neither your IP Address, your hub address or your email have been posted on this site or given out by us. That information is automatically collected when you post a comment on a blog. Only the person who wrote the blog sees it. That is how blogs work. That is how blogs have always worked.

    I don’t think everyone who comments on this blog needs, or is interested in, a copy of your IP Address, hub address and email. You are not the centre of the universe.

  • Truthhound says:

    Remove this article as requested.

    I will not argue this with you, those I have spoken to agree it is not standard practice a complaint is in progress.

    Far from wanting to be the centre of the universe dear, I am asking you repeatedly to remove this article. I didn’t ask for it to be here, I do not want it to be here.

  • martin dell says:

    seems to me it as csa member of staff try to discredit this site

  • Truthhound says:

    Easy. I have repeatedly asked for this post to be removed as it contains my personal information. They are refusing. No one needs to discredit them their own behaviour is doing that for them.

  • Truthhound says:

    Have a pdf of the direct email I sent to [email protected]. Darren states that this email automatically posts you private details on the site. However, it seems a very clever system to also automatically hyperlink to the article referred to in the email. It is my belief that a member of staff posted this up here in retaliation rather then dealing with my complaint in an adult fashion…by simple reply of email.
    It has been offered to remove my name from the article, this has still not been done. If my name can be removed then my email can be removed. This has also not been done.
    I do not work for the CSA, if I did I would be raging at all the whining fathers who claim to have nearly all their wages removed for maintenance. If this actually occurs in real life no women would have any cause to complain that their ex’s do not pay.
    If I wanted to discredit this site, I would not be desperately trying to have my email, and my details removed. In refusing to do so this site shows itself up for being exceedingly unprofessional and interested only in public humiliation as a method of discouraging dissent and making sure only those who agree post on this site.
    Aside from the original comment I made on Mr Drummonds article I have not posted elsewhere but here because I do not want my details being made available to any other people. Had I realised this was how the site operates, outside the normal data protection rules, I would not have touched it with a 10 foot barge pole.
    The internet is as anonymous as I choose to make it. If I do not give my permission for the release of my data then the site owners cannot release it. Hiding behind an ‘automatic’ system is no excuse, this system was set up by the site owners.
    On a forum, the admin can see ‘privileged’ information such as my IP. If they post my IP on their forum they breach data protection and I am entitled to have their forum removed. Same goes for refusing to delete my account or refusal to remove any material I have posted if I request its removal.
    This site is no different. This material was emailed directly to staff as part of a private complaint to CSA Hell. I have asked its removal and still it is there. I did not post it myself, gave no permission for its publication.
    If you guys don’t want me posting here thats fine, remove my details and I will no longer have any reason to even visit your site. But isn’t the truth really that the staff at CSA Hell get a good kick out of other peoples misery and everyone here enjoys a good bit of drama?
    I cannot email you people to request the removal of the original post above as you will simply post that too. I have to comment here and in doing so I see I continue to appear in the ‘popular posts’ section. This compounds my issue, obviously gets you off and as said before wholly inappropriate and unprofessional.
    On all the sites I have enquired about this people are geniunely shocked that this is how my complaint has been ‘dealt with’.
    If you continue to refuse I will be forced to wait for Data Protection to enforce its removal. I can only assume thats what you are after.

  • Darren says:

    My you do complain don’t you? We’ve changed your name on the article, so now it doesn’t say your name at all, it says your secret identity ‘Truthhound’. Your email address however, is NOT visible on the article.

    Let me try and explain this one last time, so even you understand it. The original poster of the article, YOU, gets a notification of any follow up comments via the email you use. NOBODY ELSE gets that, and no one sees the email you entered.

    If you comment on SOMEONE ELSE’S POST then they will receive notification of your comments. That is how blogs work. If you go to someone’s website and comment on a blog they have written, entering your email address, you are giving them your email address to contact you.

    We have not given your email address to anyone. We have not posted your email address on this site. The only person to give your email address out, is YOU.

  • Darren says:

    I should also draw your attention to this, where it explains how the blog software on which this site is built sends automatic emails to the post authors, telling them of the commenter’s name, email and IP address.

    This is information you gave and, as you can see, is common practice for it to be seen by the post author. Perhaps you should be more careful before posting abuse on blogs.

    Incidentally, I see you have given out my email above, posting it on a public website. We have not done this to your email address; perhaps we should report you for a breach of data protection.

  • Terry Roberts says:

    To Truthhound.

    The comment that you put in your last post has truly offended me.

    “I do not work for the CSA, if I did I would be raging at all the whining fathers who claim to have nearly all their wages removed for maintenance. If this actually occurs in real life no women would have any cause to complain that their ex’s do not pay.”

    So are you saying that it is fair for me to have to pay £127 a week for one child when i only earn £364 take home. I have a morgage that is £115 a week then all the other bills and travel to see my daughter. Paying for my daughters dance lessons and tests. I am left with £25 a week for food and the travel to see my daughter.

    I offered my ex £60 a week (Which is what the current system of CSA would ask me for) but she refused.
    The CSA running two sytems and the new sytem being cheaper for npcs is unfair on those stuck on the old sytem.
    Could you imagine if the government did that with tax.
    They come up with a new thing where income tax is reduced but only for new people starting work. Anyone already in work has to pay the higher amount. Would that be fair.
    So before you go on about whining fathers get your information please.

    And i dont care if you know my name.

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