Getting the CSA to organise the facts is just a joke

December 4, 2013

Hi all I’m about to explode….
I have 3 children with my ex oldest is 16 youngest 11. I’ve been paying csa for a few years.

At first I was paye but for last two have been self employed. Since I’ve had a child with my current partner of 7yrs. Trying to get the csa to recognise these simple facts is a fucking joke.
I earn less than I did employed, have another child. Yet these useless twats have estimated that I should pay double??? Of course I’ve refused as I can’t pay what I haven’t got now they have issued me with an enforcement order.

To make matters worse my ex doesn’t even let me see my children only when it suits her. Won’t give me her address as she keeps moving around. Expects me to buy top of the range goods for birthdays and christmas as she constantly pleads poverty.

However now I find out she’s living with some bloke is pregnant again but is still trying to milk me for everything I’ve got. There’s no fucking justice for blokes in this world we live when it comes to kids and break ups they get all the power and use the children as weapons i bet the csa is run by a scorned slag of a women who has a vendetta against men as far as the csa go they would rather see you on the dole/benefits than have a job. It just gets to the stage where you think what’s the fucking point!


  • jo says:

    See your mp….it took csa many months to realise my husband was living in home with 2 dependants…..I was accused of lying even supplying them with my child benefit number twice and at that point even having my own case with the csa that’s how incompetent they are!

    Your mp will be able to get to the bottom of it and also write a strong letter of complaint to get them working on your behalf. Never ring them as the agents aint a fooking clue.

  • Ellie Milao says:

    Hi Rob, not all women are the same and there are perhaps some out there who are the NRP in your situation. I’m the wife of an affected NRP. We recently had our 2nd child 13 weeks ago. We did the right thing and contacted the CSA thinking perhaps they would take slightly less money from us as our income needed to now take care of a baby. That is the only circumstances that changed. What did the CSA do?.. Increased our payments.. Yes that’s right the now take an extra £15 a week from us, the reason being is because I get more child tax credit. So my children lose £15 pound of money that is rightfully theirs to their half brother who’s mother receives child tax credit for him and now a portion of my kids money.. CSA do not care our expenses have increased or that they put the PWC in a better position financially whilst putting the NRP and their new families into poverty. The whole system is a joke. The only other thing I can suggest is perhaps take your ex to court for a contact order. Its what my husband had to do. The order cost him £250 which we couldn’t really afford, but we want to be part of his life. My husband initially represented himself. Then we found out about families need fathers who do McKenzie friends n all the McKenzie friend requires is out of pocket expenses food drink n travel.. Much cheaper than a solicitor. I know its not much solice but there are some of us who can empathise with you 🙂

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