Gave ex the house yet CSA still makes me pay

August 9, 2012

This is my hell story about the good old CSA.when my marriage broke up igave the xwife the capital from the house which was £67000 and payed her £250 a month thinking i was the responsible parent for my son. When we had an argument she went to the CSA. They made me pay £390 a month. When i mentioned how i gave her the equity from the house they didnt want to know that she had £67000 pounds sitting in her bank account.

Yet i was the one who had to start all over again as i also left the belongings. Ever since then they have been a nightmare. I was out of work for six months and because i never told them iwas out of work i had to pay back all the money they say i should have paid even thou i was out of work and signing on.they also took two payments just before christmas and left me my partner and two children at home £19 in my bank account over the christmas holiday.

When i phoned them they said they woul take it of the next months payment which didnt help us on the 23.12. The next year they done exactly the same.same answer as the year my arrears are payed off just checked my account and guess what there still taken the £100 pounds arrears when it finished last month.

This has caused loads of upset at home with me and my partner as i have two children with her we have been together for 12years and havent had a holiday as we cant afford one.Yet my exwife has a nice house new man with good income.but unless she marries him they will not take in to account hes salary which is double mine.

Yet they go to far exotic holidays twice a year. New cars excreta. They wonder why they have so many problems with fathers paying and can you blame the when the system is so unfair for the other parent and there the CSA take 30% out of every pound you pay for your children so take some advice see if you can keep them out of the loop as you will pay through teeth.


  • jay. says:

    My husband did the same for his ex wife, gave her the house which she later sold and still wanted more….he did this before csa was even thought about and court order was, he left the house and all its contents for children (eldest turned out not to be his!!) and paid for children’s essentials…then she went on benefits in the late 90’s and csa got involved, sod everything that he had given her, csa did not care and failed to contact him until a year ago to say he owed 10,000…this is being over turned by the help of lots of complaining and use of an mp…my advice is start writing a letter of complaint and see your mp. If my husband knew what he knew now, she wouldn’t have been left the house and sold the house with equal share and paid maintenance and that’s it!! His ex has been able to move on, yet we get tied to a debt which my two children have to bare brunt of and joke is, we’ll never have the luxury of owning our own home.

  • John says:

    I paid £77,000 after I threw my ex out (adulteress). I have paid around £40,000 in maintenance. She had an inheritance off her mother £45,000, she works and gets income support.

    I got stitched up with £6400 of debt because of these CSA scumbags and their alleged mistakes…my ar-e.

    I am hoping that at some time in the future, either by a class action or an indivdual who has the finance and legal people to take these incompetent oafs through the courts, win a stated case, whereby all of the CSA victims can then apply for damages and compensation and clean this government quango out!

    Then get a public apology from the government.

    What happens betwen parents in divorce/seperation has nothing to do with politicians OR civil servants……….it is a matter for individual parents and/or the courts!

  • terry north says:

    all these stories are oh sooo typical and very sad and yet again just goes to show why this vermin is despized by hard working fathers…how can they get away with destroying lifes like on earth is it right that a greedy bitch of an ex can get sooo much out of a broken marriage even if it her thats caused the break is it possible that the bitches can then bleed you for even more cash using this unfair and biased blood sucking scum called the csa.
    what I would really really love to know from the poor chap that gave his ex £67000 from the capital of the house is this.HOW do you know that the csa take 30% from every pound they take from us ? I have been trying to find out this for ages and hear all the time that the mother receives every penny?? I have always can that be…the organisation has to pay for itself surely?? if it does not then it makes me wonder how much of tax payers money does it cost to keep it going and does the cost outway what it robs from nrp’s ..if so what the hell is the point of it ?? someone please tell me…WHO PAYS TO KEEP THIS SHIT GOING ?? Do they…or do they not take 30% of every pound it robs from us before it hands it over to these greedy ex bitches ??? I wish I knew because if I knew just how much they take from the £320 they rob from me before giving it to ex then I could rub it in big time to her…telling her if she had come to me first..she would have got more money instead of us both paying this scum called the csa.

  • max from South London says:

    Its so so sad! I would love to make a film with NRP’s about the injustice of the system! I divorced my ex wife as she was playing around! i left her the house £150,000 equity , my belongings and moved into a bedsit. i was paying her half the mortgage and £400 a month (for our 3 children), and guess what…
    …she still went to the CSA!
    That was three years ago, I now ‘owe’ the CSA £5,000 which I do not have (NB I have been paying them all this time!). I do not begrudge paying the CSA/ex wife. It is the way that the CSA do not take any of a persons current circumstances into account. They do not care that I rent a 3 bed flat so that my children can sleep over – rent plus the food is £600 per month + £400/month CSA + £100/month CSA debt! I can not afford to be in or have a relationship, I took my last ‘holiday’ with my children (a week in devon – cost £1,300 in addition to CSA payments) last year. And i told them that it was the last holiday I would be able to have with them (they are 16, 13 & 11). I can no longer afford to buy them birthday or Christmas gifts. So my children basically see me as someone who ‘gives them nothing!’.
    Obviously there is a whole other side to my story which I would love to tell.
    Any film makers out there who would seriously like to develop an idea please comment.

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