Gardener loses driving licence after burying head over CSA debt

October 22, 2010

A man has received a driving ban for neglecting to pay his child maintenance.

George Sinclair, 38, was told by the Child Support Agency to pay £22,638 owed to his ex partner for their daughter.

When the landscape gardener from Hamilton, Scotland, ignored them, he was taken to court and handed down a six month driving ban.

Sinclair was told by the judge that he still is required to cough up the money to the CSA.

The court heard how Sinclair had been making payments to the CSA, since the summer of 1998, but these had stopped in recent years. He was made bankrupt in 2005, and as a result did not have a bank account, which made it harder for the CSA to collect the money that was due.

Defending himself, Sinclair told the court that his driving licence was needed to travel to work, but that he would not lose his job without one.

Courts in Scotland have had the authority to ban fathers behind with maintenance payments from driving for a decade, but they have rarely been used, and only a handful of bans have been imposed.

Sinclair claimed that he had contacted the CSA several times about the matter, but felt that he had been passed around and as such was unable to resolve it. However, he did admit that he had not contacted the CSA in writing.

A spokesperson for the Child Support agency said:

“If the parent has refused to pay the child maintenance they owe, we can apply to the courts for an order of disqualification.”

“We can also apply to the courts for a warrant of commitment – to send the parent to prison for up to six weeks.”

“Even if the parent is disqualified from driving or goes to prison, they will still have to pay all the money they owe.”


  • Trevor Franks says:

    to much power my heart is with you friend

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    I know that it's a last resort but how do they expect parents 2 work & inevitably pay the maintenance if they are unable 2 work because of the punishment. If only parent would see that payment is made 4 the children & make it voluntarily then finally court action wouldn't b necessary

  • Jem Pogue says:

    A clear infringement of article2 of the european human rights act !!!!!!When will somebody challenge these morons in the european court ???

  • Stephen Balabushka Thomas says:

    I got mine, but it wasn't thousands unfortunately.

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    My ex partner made payments which was held by the CSA – when they had finally withheld 4 monthly payments causing me extreme financial difficulty the CSA refunded my ex the money. Once they had done this they realised their mistake but because they are unable 2 demand the money back from him as the refund was their idea – the great British tax payer picked up the bill so that I could receive the money which was due 2 me. 98% of all CSA employees haven't got a clue

  • Morgan Hunting says:

    im taking them all the way to strasbourg jem

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Morgan if you need any support i am here and can rustle up hundreds of fellow abused parent's !

  • KADY says:


  • Tracey Imms says:

    Yet another laughable classic courtesy of this incompentent circus run by idiotic clowns. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Phil Lee says:

    scandalous abuse of power, no sense in sending this guy to the dole queue how does that help either pwc or the state…??? anyone else sick to death of politicians and public sector infringing so severeley upon our lives??? is it just me…

  • says:

    It is frightening how so much power has been given to such incompetents. It’s like handing a toddler a machine gun and wondering why he’s gunned down everyone in the playground.

  • Busylizzy says:

    Rubbish YOU WORK YOU PAY or support your children by what ever other means you have. On this occasion HOORAY the NRP GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED shame the same principles are not so well enforced in England

  • Morgan Hunting says:

    na there are millions phil! if you suspect your assessments are incorrect, which lets face it…they could be! google this …. PJG v Child Support Agency [2006] EWHC 423 (Fam) … will show you the legal side. for once a good judge! who reveals the only way to appeal a tribunal decision but only within the 21 days after an order is made. good luck yall…i will let you all know how i get on as im in my 3 week window now and im already being obstructed through age old tactics( i suspect).

  • Brokenfather says:

    I am sick to death of this persecution of fathers. The Government says that a non resident father must spend a certain percentage of his income on his child/children, and if he doesnt then he is persecuted and criminalised.

    There is no such equivalent law that requires a resident mother to do the same. She is free to spend as little as she chooses on her child/children.

  • Donna Perryman says:

    its all so wrong they just seem to beable to do what they want,we are going through it at mo c.s.a want to take us to court force sale of our house, my partners has 2 children from a previous realtionship, he pays £5 a week as not working due to health probs. we have a child together who is special needs,tha dont matter they just want there arrears

  • Rach says:

    also bare in mind this debt may also be totally inaccurate and sounds like the poor bloke hasnt even had chance to get it verified as was contacting the csa by phone which they convieniently seem to have not logged!

  • Lisa Hunter says:

    strange really because you dont just loose your licence for not paying maintenance he must have defaulted on his arrears…my ex refuses and never pays maintenance (debt £42,000) yet clears his arrears which will take 52 years to clear his children will be 67 & 69 years old by the time this has been cleared…GREAT RESULT!!!

  • hannah says:

    WHAT THE HELL! What has a driving ban got to do with being behind on payments! I hate the CSA!

  • robbed father says:

    i hate the CSA so much that when i finish my payments that will be it… i will get on with my life and my ex will pay for everything else i will have been paying for 16 years how the CSA can say give an ex a cash lump sum to stop the CSA and put this in writing and saying its stopped and then 2 months later start it up again is beyond me …. i know i have to pay for the upbringing of my children but did they get the cash or her? its more complex than this but my ex has never bothered to see if i am ok so have food or living on the streets etc etc i will do the same hope she struggles with the free massive tax free lump sum The CSA should be taken to companies banks can do thousands of accurate calculations why can’t the CSA

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