Front up to them if you know you’re in the right

February 26, 2014

I’ve been to hell and back with the CSA over the past 8 years, culminating this year in them deducting £900 a month from my salary, leaving me barely enough to pay the rent on my home, and giving me a credit rating that will take me years to recover from.

When I received another deductions form earning order for the next 12 months of a similar amount, enough was enough. I wrote to them asking for a full breakdown of their assessment. When I received it, I downloaded bank statements from the last 8 years and reconciled it all. I worked out, they actually owed me £5000, rather than me owing them that! I wrote a letter threatening legal action if I didn’t hear from them within 7 days (with copies of all the bank statements), and today I had a phone call from their complaints department.

A cheque is on it’s way to me for the full amount, and they won’t ask me for any more money for 3 months. The lesson for me here, don;t roll over and accept what they say is correct, front up to them if you know you’re in the right!


  • John says:

    Well done Simon. If proves that if you get past the ‘numpties’ on the front line, and involve senior staff, with proof of your argument, then they have to listen.

    Did you receive any compensatory payment, because of their maladministration?

    There are many CSA victims, who simply don’t have an understanding of the working practices of the CSA and are being ‘milked’ for every penny, through staff fraud and incompetence, for their performance bonuses.

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