Fraudulently taking money from me

March 5, 2014

After years of complaining to CSA and ICE regarding the assessment dates and the treatment I had received I decided to write a final letter of complaint to them in 2010, going back through all the previous correspondence I found a letter from the CSA I had overlooked dated December 2007 stating the wrong dates had been used for my assessment. This after years of the CSA and ICE telling me the dates used where correct.

Most of my complaint letter where answered my a manager Caroline Ledbury, this letter was written by one of her staff presumably whilst Ms Ledbury was on holiday or away from her office.

In September 2005 the CSA contacted me telling me I owed £7000, they had received an email from my ex-wife in May 2004 and waited sixteen months before contacting me. I have been asking how these arrears had accrued for years and never received a satisfactory explanation.

I later found out that the CSA had used September 2005 to assess my so called debt, this is wrong as my ex-wife’s initial contact asking for a reassessment was May 2004. My wages for 2005 were significantly higher.

I then approached The Independent Case Examiner in 2008 for help again asking how this debt had accrued, but to no avail all I received was a statement of what I had paid.

Cutting a long story short I had a preliminary hearing at the magistrates court with a video link to a CSA representative, the CSA claiming the case was timed out.

The judge began by trying to establish the start of the time out, he asked me if I had received certain documents which would put a start date on the time out rule, I replied I had not and asked the CSA agent to read out what was in the document, she read from her screen stating the address it was sent to in 2005, the address she gave was one I would not move to until 2008. I told the judge this was the wrong address and therefore I could not have received the letter, he told me to leave the courtroom, he adjourned the case for fifteen minutes asking for the letter to be faxed. Apparently the fax was not working so no letter was received I asked for it to be emailed but was ignored.
The judge asked the CSA to read the letter again, this time they gave the correct address, I mentioned they had changed the address but the judge ignored me, he adjourned the case for six months.

I decided to try and get some legal help as I suspected a bit of a kangaroo court, I approached many specialists with family matters at first all agreeing I had a case, but when I tried to contact them I was ignored presumably they had done some homework on my case and decided for some reason not to help. I approached a non-family solicitors thinking family solicitors may be being warned off, they again sounded very helpful I left my files with them to check, but was then told I would be better taking the case myself as I knew the details.

Another solicitor told me to leave my files with him to look into my case, and to email him further information regarding clerical error, I thought this was the way to approach my case as he suggested he had never heard of it. When I contacted him some time later he said he had put my files away and completely forgot about me.

Back in court at the re adjournment I handed the judge a letter, he offered it to the two CSA representatives who were present, both declined to read it, it stated that in my opinion the judge was taking the wrong route with my case as I believed it could not be Timed Out as there had been a

Clerical Error in that the CSA with the full knowledge of ICE had acted fraudulently or at least made a mistake. I mentioned this to the judge on many occasions but again he looked through me and ignored it.

The judge also read the attached letter from 2007 and asked me what I thought was the most important part, I answered the fact the CSA admitted the dates were incorrect. I now feel it is the fact that ICE received this letter and were at least negligent in not acting upon it. Why would the judge ask such a question?

My view of what has happened is years of overpaying, years of complaining to the CSA and ICE all to no avail, then I stumble upon a letter that proves the CSA with the full knowledge of ICE have been fraudulently taking money from me. ICE (Mr Hanlon) in particular will find this very embarrassing, and made sure I could not get legal representation for my hearing.

The CSA, ICE and the judge realise they cannot Time Out my case, as the law states fraud and errors will be treated as Clerical Errors and cannot be timed out.

Any help out there


  • fourvees says:

    CSA admitted they overcharged me for a whole year £2500 in total , admit they should not have taken the money.
    Laughed at me and told me I will never get my money back and my MP can do nothing about it.
    My MP George Freeman has said he can do nothing .
    I have experience of previous MP’s helping me over the last 20 years but my current MP tells me he cannot get back a refund even when the CSA admit their mistake !!
    Is it that my MP can’t do anything or won’t do anything ?

  • fourvees says:

    Now read through your post and I see a mirror of my experience but the problem we face is the same.
    Authority refuse to do their job The CSA refuse to do their job properly because mistakes bring in revenue.
    A Judge just does not care about the man in the street.
    Your MP has too much to do because of the mess we are in due to years of refusing to do their job.
    Problem here is that you like me were raised believing that people were like us and cared to do their job well and that justice would be practised as standard.
    As a child I was made homeless because my father kicked my mother out on to the street. As a father I was put on the street again as my ex moved her lover into the house I worked for after 20 years.
    We have people living on the streets I have been there and the MP’s continue to fail to do their jobs.
    We are now hearing of organisations failing to do their jobs for years and how it impacts peoples lives.

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