Fraudulent CSA not paying me full amount

June 16, 2020

My daughter lives with me 5 nights a week. The CSA deducts money direct from her mums wages. I receive less than £200 a month. Her mum claims they take £320 a month from her wages. I spoke with someone at the CSA last year and they said yes, that’s correct, they were deducting £320. The girl I spoke to said they would need to investigate. That was over a year ago. They have since told me I’m receiving the correct amount. I’ve complained several times and nothing at all has happened. In March I received nothing. In April I received two payments that didn’t equate to a full months money and in May I received another lower amount. The service is appalling. I feel like I’m being ripped off and Fraud is taking place but no one cares and no one is listening.


  • Mark Downer says:

    The CSA are a massive fraud! They are in it to make money…I have had scenerios in the past I have sent the requested inforamtion recorded delivery (as apparently they did not receive the first) Only to be told the enevlope was empty! They ended up paying me compensation when i complained to my MP.

  • G Wright says:

    I dealt with the CSA years ago
    Can’t believe their still pulling that shit
    They request paperwork you send it but it’s never received
    Out of the blue you get baliffs at the door to collect invented arrears you complain
    You go to court and the CSA have paperwork stating you were notified yet you have no paperwork meaning it was never sent and the copy the judge has that copy was for the judges benefit only.
    Over the years this process just repeats itself.
    Not sure if you know this but most arrears the CSA try to recover will be over £3000 before you know anything about it
    The reason for this is any arrears invented or not where the CSA are at court to recover is an automatic liability order
    So not even worth you showing up at court the CSA have won the day before they arrived at court their only there to pick the paperwork up
    Lawyers won’t tell you this either their only there for their fees as well
    On the day of these invented arrears at the end of my case at court I represented myself as I’d figured by then lawyers just weren’t worth their money
    I was told by the judge I had a CLEAR CASE for dispute but he passed the liability order anyway
    This is how I learned of the guaranteed liability order
    Bunch of crooks

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