Fraudulent CSA are committing crimes and getting away with it!

May 25, 2017

In December 2006 myself and my ex wife separated whilst I was in the Royal Air Force. We have 2 children together, and i have always provided for to my utmost ability. We began by having a mutual agreement which was satisfactory to us both and then out of the blue she contacted the CSA. I did not have an issue with this as I honestly have never refused to support my children. In December 2010 I received 2 letters from the CSA on the same day, one asking for me to supply proof of earnings and the other to advise me that they had applied for an attachment of earnings order as I had not supplied proof of earnings! I contacted them immediately but they said it was too late because they had already applied to my employer (now HM Prison Service) and could not rescind the order. Ignoring the embarrassment this caused me at work I decided to not pursue a complaint as I was willing to pay anyway (and it meant they no longer had my bank details on record).

Everything has been fine until I discovered my youngest, now aged 19, is on a management scheme and in full time employment but I was still pay £117 pcm CSA payments. I contacted CSA in March 2017 to ask for a review and explained why. I again contacted them by telephone in July and they advised me that my ex wife had failed to respond to their attempts to contact her (for 2 months!) but failed to inform me of this. They agreed to ‘suspend’ payments until they carried out a child benefit check. Unfortunately this was past the cut off date to prevent my employer making the automatic payment and so the CSA informed me they would retain Mays payment and refund it to me if she failed to make contact. I called the CSA falkirk office 19 may 2017, and was advised my case has been closed and they would look at reimbursing my money. I was also promised a call back, which never happened. Saturday 20 may 2017 I again contacted them and i was nonchalantly advised that ‘sorry the payment has been made to my ex wife’.

I spoke with a manager who said there is nothing she could do but would get it ‘looked into’ I advised her that I want my money back immediately as I am pretty positive my ex won’t pay it back. During the call I was also advised that I should have ceased pay in in September 2015.

I am confused as to what the role of the CSA actually is? I have NO contact with my ex or, unfortunately, with my children and i have a daughter with my present wife so I need that money to provide for her. I know that the CSA will drag this out for months and i really am unwilling to wait months for something I should have now. I asked what action would be taken to recover this from my ex, such as AOE order and was advised this is not possible! Why, she has commited fraud but the police will do nothing and CSA will do nothing so my ex is allowed to break the law and not even be forced to pay it back. As a prison officer in a category C prison I meet many men who have commited fraud against the tax man and have been given custodial sentences for it. Why is it different?

I would like my case to highlight the failings of the CSA on behalf of genuine, honest, hard working ‘absent’ (CSA name for us not mine) parents nd I would like the Secretary of state to refund all monies owed to me. The CSA took the money from me (not my ex) , surely they should pay it back.


  • Tock says:

    Money claims online
    £25 fees claim it from CSA they taken money from you pay to you are Ex so they should be the one paying it back.

    Also report it to HMRC as you are ex committed fraud
    by claiming Maintenance that she is not entitled to

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