Fraud to reduce payment due to a child

September 10, 2011

My ex after 6 years has been tracked by the CSA, they had numerous attempts to locate him and his employer but failed. Now just as payments started to come through he allegedly splits with his wife who then claims money from him which reduces my sons allowance from £54.00 per week (plus arrears) at 15% of his earnings to 10% and low and behold his earnings have had to be reassessed as he has now to be allowed a personal living allowance. I cannot prove it but believe they are together but have been advised on how to get his contribution to his son reduced.

This is fraud, but don’t dare accuse this as I have vehemently faught the CSA for their errors and had to involve the governments independant watchdog to persue them for their now admitted maladministration.

We have gone without food and accommodation at times and now have to live in my brothers house as I couldn’t keep up with the rent, while he has been working and earning and dodging them for 6 years. Is there a fraud squad I can approach as to my suspecting he is not separate from his wife and other child and is claiming such to reduce his contribution to our son. I am now again reliant on family credit due to the reduction and therefore their deceit is robbing the tax payer too.


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  1. karen bedford on September 14th, 2011 12:36 pm

    mine committed fraud, disception, to the CSA and Inland Revenue but nothing was done – its like its fine if they do because nothing is done about it so many more will go on doing the same

  2. Tracy on September 14th, 2011 2:55 pm

    Thanks Karen for taking the time to comment. I have been told that the only way to right this wrong is to hire a private detective. He will get a criminal record as will his wife, but the cost of such is too much for the service and out of my financial reach.

    Fraud is fraud, but if I was on benefits the DWP would probably persue it. Damned if \I do and damned if \I don’t. It would mean financial meltdown without a time limit and he gets away with it if I don’t.

    At the end of the day it is his son who suffers and goes without. Fortunately I have a strong family who endlessly dip in their pockets for us at time s of dire need. I have to deal with that mentally as I do everything legally and hate asking for help as I feel I am setting a bad example to my child. He is not allowed to see his son for reasons of violence and abuse, but he gets away with the fraud as I cannot allow my son to feel like a second class citizen, which is exatly how he treats him by cheating him financially. I continue to look into this as fraud is a crime, If I come across an alternative to persue such I will post it here for others affected by such acts

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