Four years of no claims from the CSA

January 19, 2012

My claim history goes back four years of being fobbed off and moved from department to department ,case workers, managers, supervisors!!ii I have written a letter of complaint and still they have not given a written response or phone call!! Each time I call I give them new leads for them to take action against my ex husband who in the four years has paid me less than the minimum payment of £30 a week for a VERY short period when it was remove directly from his salary.

This amount was less than the £30 a week because of a mistake made by the CSA of miscalculating my entitlement by a year.

Even when they were taking payments direct, they still failed to get the correct salary details so that I was paid the correct salary based figure. Now that I have a new lead, I am being fobbed off again and they have told me that it will take another three months for a case worker to look at my case. In three months my information that I have given them will be out of date and contact details etc of my Ex will have changed. This is not a support agency for parents who have non paying EX husbands.

I should be entitled to compensation for the stress this agency have caused me by their non action and inefficient inadequate systems and staff. What makes me so mad is the fact that despite it being the law for parents to support their children. My Ex gets away with not paying for his child and with no consequences to him. He continues to lead a working life, enjoying the benefits of having no financial/parenting responsibility for his child and I continue to work all hours to earn the money to compensate so that my child does not miss out on anything other than the fact that his father does not give a dam!!


  • chall says:


    Complain in writing again, clearly mark it COMPLAINT, explain your situation clearly and give the new info you have and copy in your local MP, keep copies of everything you post to the CSA and send ALL correspondence signed for mail.
    Also, it may now be a good idea to apply for your Data Protection File, it will cost £10. You should receive all the info the agency hold on you and it will hopefully show you what has been happening with your case.

    If you can show agency maladministration and delay, depending on the circumstances, you could possibly receive a consolatory and redress for loss of money.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Brian says:

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.

    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA. You’ll be amazed how many NRPs together we can get better, improved, group response. Don’t let the MP do nothng! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed to piss them off and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods..please pass this message on.

    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off 😉


  • michael says:

    you stupid women that cant keep your legs closed and most likely only have a kid because you were trying to keep your ex by entrapping him with parenthood need to take a serious look at yourselves. Dont pull the old keepanigga baby act then jump on the csa for ciggarette and drink money when your ex is not paying for a child he never intended to have. Stupid people

  • Bella says:

    @Michael its obvious that you are a sad pathetic excuse for a man, I take it that you have a child that you are avoiding paying for. If you didn’t want kids don’t have sex you ignorant pig. I work and the above woman Hilary works to pay for our children the fathers also have an obligation for the raising of their offspring. If you don’t want contact with your child then I pity you.

  • michael says:

    Bella you fool. I pay consistently monthly amounts to my ex who in turn kept my flat, all of my property and who tried to destroy my life with malicious falsified allegations wich were thrown out of court when i was unanamously found not guilty of her bullshit accusations. Had to resign from my job and move out of my hometown during eight months of hell. Also the only reason i have a child with her is because she told me she was regularly taking the pill which of course she wasnt and i only was told by her that she was pregnant four and a half months gone. Being that i am firmly against abortion, even more so, so far into a pregancy we decided to keep our child. Upon returning to my hometown after my own personal nightmare inflicted by herself, and beginning a new relationship which she found out about, the conniving bitch then went to the csa. By the way i see my daughter regularly and will continue to maintain a healthy loving relationship with her. So fuckyou

  • chall says:

    Insulting, sweeping statements michael…

    Obviously, you realise that other “woman” are not your ex, and neither are they the cause of your situation.

    I trust the written lashing you have aimed others has made you feel better!

    Can you confirm the date the CSA got involved?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Richard says:

    Wow, I can understand being frustrated and angry at your own ex Michael but my God, you sound seriously unhinged! How dare you speak to these women like that? If, in your mind, you cannot separate your ex and every other woman on the planet then I would seriously consider seeking help. I sincerely hope you don’t take such a disgusting attitude towards women offline. Get help.

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