Four people could become homeless because of the CSA

June 9, 2012

My son has just found out that he is the father of a child from a one night stand 7 years ago. The mother had made no contact until her current partner left her and now she has gone to the CSA. Based on the CSA’s calculation of 15% of his net income he now does not have enough money left to pay the rent and look after his two children from his marriage.

In fact he’s having to pay more for 1 child that he didn’t know about than for the two children that he has at home.

This crazy system could end up putting 4 people out of their home – how can this be fair.


  • brett says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I had a very brief relationship with a woman who has always “sponged” of the state back in 1998. She wanted to have the baby, despite me begging her not to and I have been in the CSA hell hole ever since. I was already paying CSA for my daughter from a long term relationship.
    Im under the old system, where I pay a lot more than 15%. Ive also been stitched up with made up arrears (£11,500) and had the threat of baliffs / liability order hanging over me, despite never missing a payment over the years and always fully complying with this disgraceful organisation.
    Only this week they’ve been ringing me ( five times yesterday), demanding more money from my pension, claiming they incorrectly assessed it last year.
    I could go on but unfortunately its not a fair system and like me and thousands of others your son will have to make major adjustments in his life.
    I suggest he gets a DNA test to prove he is the father, although they are very expensive and if he is the father comes to an arrangment with the mother without getting the CSA involved. If thats the case she will have to cancel the case.
    I f he does come to a mutual arrangment then always get a receipt from her for the sum of money,that its for child maintenance and signed/dated.
    Good luck !

  • chall says:


    Has a DNA test been carried out?

    If your son has 2 children living in the same household as him these are relevant others and a 20% reduction should be made on his income prior to the 15% being calculated for the qualifying child.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Carol says:

    Yes get your son to have a DNA test carried out ASAP. CSA cannot make an assessment until paternity is sorted out. There is a thread about the costs and what to do on the Advice Forum site, click on the tab at the top. Costs are there.

    Once an assessment is in place if he is the father they will work out your son’s net salary, then deduct 20% for both children living with him, then take 15% for the child your son knew nothing about.

  • Richard says:

    Thanks for the advise, we will be writing to the CSA on this, however with a monthly income of less than £1000 pm and rent of £500 it does not leave him much for the family to live on to start with.

    I understand that there are fathers out there who shirk their responsibilities but if the mothers can come back whenever they like, and get 100% support from this faceless draconian institution then there is something seriously wrong. Letter to MP will be in the post soon.

  • chall says:


    Does your son have a partner and has he not applied for tax credits?


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