Foreign holidays for ex yet no money for me

November 12, 2011

My partner walked out on two small children and our 3rd unborn child. 11 years on the arrears have mounted to 7.5k. I have been ever where there is to go with the CSA from contacting my MP right through to enforcement on a number of occasions with no result.

My ex-partner has 6 weeks holidays a year ~ this year he had 2 weeks in the south of France, 2 weeks in Greece and a couple in Cornwall – He is a self employed builder and somehow manages to wriggle away from the CSA a dodge paying for his children.

I do not find this surprising as after speaking to my case worker tonight, my complaint will take 12 weeks to be processed even though the CSA have all the relevant information – income , benefits ect. If you think you can make a difference please contact me for further information.


  • allison Gallagher says:

    I agree with everyone that says the CSA are rubbish…I split up with my ex in 2003, it took CSA two years to sort out a claim and they said it was for renewal in 2007, and guess what several increases in his salary, bonuses etc, the amount has stayed the same.Have contacted CSA several times, been passed around to several offices and now they are relooking at the claim as he has retired but he has took it on his self to cancel his own payments>>I depend on this money and it hurts me deeply as they want these kids but when it comes to paying for them,well!!!

  • karen bedford says:

    that old chestnut self employed – unfortunately this is common as our government like the previous ones dont want to do anything about this and dare you try and speak to the media as no one will touch it – I wonder why?! Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for advice and support on this as there are so many of us in the same situation with fraudsters like this that the governments know about and do nothing about it.

  • Sharon says:

    I am in the same position as you- the CSA have been dealing with my claim since 2006 and have managed on average to collect £200 per year. I am left to support my daughter on my own. My ex is also self employed and from day one the CSA were negative about the chances of success- I don’t feel they tried. Now the debt has been passed to the bailliffs- who have negotiated a reduced payment with him. The CSA don’t up date me about anything and if you phone you get conflicting information. I’m going to put in a complaint and e-mail my MP- not that I believe it will get me any where!

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