Forced to pay £1200 in arrears even though I was out of work

November 28, 2011

I have had a claim through the CSA running since October 2010. When the claim began I had just lost my job and so was not earning any money. I explained this to them over and over again. I was paying cash Direct to my Ex partner from this date until April. I was on Job seekers allowance from Jan until April. So along with the £600 I paid direct (with receipts) to her she was also getting £5 a week through that.

I have now been told that I have still pay £50 per week back dated until when the claim began. This is a debt of over £1200. This is money that I find nearly impossible to pay. They are asking for another £250 a month on top of the £218.18 I have to pay through attachment of earnings. To make things worse I am now finding increasingly difficult to see me Son as now the money is taken strait from my earning and paid to my ex, she now no longer has to see me. As a result of this she is trying to cut me out of his life.

I have tried talking to the CSA about this and explaining again that I was out of work for nearly 3 months. However this just falls on deaf ears. I am at my wits end about this and do not know where to turn for help or advice.

I could say so much more about how poorly I have been treated. I have all paper work to prove I was out of work and all records of the money I have paid direct.


  • bob says:

    Raise a case against them at tribunal and go with evidence against them then. You should be able to get free court fees

  • joanne says:

    I was told that you can’t amount up arrears if your out of work and on benefits? It was csa who informed me of this, you need to put on a letter of complaint with copies of you being unemployed, also ask for a breakdown statement of how they came to this amount, they have too show you this by law and send recorded, also get your mp involved.

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