Flashy ex refuses to help his son

August 15, 2014

My son is 9 this year. I have been battling with the CSA for the past 5 years. My ex-partner of 10 years came off benefits (we were receiving £2.50 a fortnight from that) and he is now self-employed.

I’ve called the CSA every week for as long as I can remember and I am still without any Child Support!!

My ex is just back from Las Vegas and San Francisco and drives about like a lord in his BMW. He has converted his mother’s home from a modest one bedroom to an upstairs three bedroom BUT cannot support his son!!!!

I cant seek help from a lawyer, I cant confront him myself because I would end up throttling him so the CSA are the only option I have so I may as well give up now and keep my sanity because there will be no justice for my son at all with this system we have it sucks and I never hear of ANYONE AT ALL getting a happy outcome and ACTUALLY receiving a decent amount from their ex.


  • gonk says:

    you are clueless, misinformed or just stupid. My ex screws me for £300 each month for 1 child. THATS NOT A DECENT AMOUNT THEN IN YOUR EYES????
    And many many dads are milked like this from greedy ex’s…so poor you sigh!!!

  • Gonk says:

    @ jane
    Re your email to me. You won’t get any sympathy from me at all, neither from so many other NRP’s screwd by greedy ex’s
    This is why you will get so many negative remarks.
    The CSA does not give a shit about the kids. It’s just about money it can save the treasury. It will happily see ( like so many pwc’s as well) the father be put on the street with his home sold by the CSA or put in jail. So much for it caring about the wellfair of the child.
    Far too many pwc’s see the system as easy money. Hell so many of them have kid after kid just to get free roof over their heads and to milk the many fathers for an income from the kids… And don’t anyone give me the old bollocks about the man keeping it in his pants…lol….as I keep saying…what about the slapper keeping her legs closed??? 1 kid a mistake….ok…2nd kid….!!!! ,3rd kid….yer right….these sorts are just breeding machines for the tax payer and all the fathers they use to give them a free easy life…got no time for any of you.
    Let’s reverse the roll. If I had my daughter living with me. I wander what help I would get from her mother….FUCK ALL is what…..why? Cause I’m the man and it don’t work that way.

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