Fixed payments for child maintanence?

November 30, 2013

OK, so there’s the thing, Child Tax Credits have a max amount depending on PWC’s income. Child Benefit is fixed at a certain amount per child. So why can’t child maintenance be fixed? £30 one child,£50 for 2,  £60 for 3 or similar????

So what if the NRP earns millions, that’s THEIR fkin earnings!! As long as they pay the set rate the PWC gets help financially so that should be that. If the PWC WANTS (not needs, it can’t be needs as they get ctc, wtc, cb!! and the NRP doesn’t) more ££ they should do what everyone else HAS to do and work or get 2nd (in some cases 3rd / 4th etc.) job!

The NRP is not a wage for the PWC and they should NOT be treated as such! To the detriment of their own health/wellbeing!!

A cash machine is called an ATM not a NRP!!!!


  • Adrian says:

    Well said. I totally agree with you. So when do we start protesting

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Hello Adrian, I would like to see organised protests yes…as the CSA seem to ignore all other laws in pursuit of unfair child maintenance amounts. Human rights, employment law etc. Yet no one seemingly cares!! Why aren’t NRP’s out on the streets outside No.10??!!

  • Gonk says:

    @ mrs bekham
    Bloody well said and TOO bloody true. I’m sure MARCUS would beg to differ mind and remind us all that we shouldn’t have kids if we can’t afford them neither divorce a cheating ex because you can’t afford that either, but we should embrace the ex and be greatful for her/him screwing us for all they can get.
    He/she seems to live on a completely different planet to the rest of us.
    It’s sad that we are looked upon my the pwc and with full corrupt support of this filth the CSA as just ATM machines to supplement their incomes and new life’s…whilst the Nrp is not entitled to one after his past.
    NRP = cash machine
    Child = cash cow

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Thank you Gonk, it’s nice to know I am not just ‘ranting’ and that other people actually agree the CSA is unfair and unjust.
    For equality if one parent is assessed, so then should the other be…both parents are equally financially responsible for their kids so it should be 50/50, and both incomes looked into when calculating how much child maintenance to pay!
    For human rights a person has the right to have an adequate standard of living, yet the CSA are IN BREACH of this when it comes to the NRP as they don’t care if having 15/20 or 25%’ lopped off’ the NRP’s income leaves them with not enough to meet their own BASIC living costs, essentials like food/heating/housing!! Yet the PWC could have double the ‘income’ of the NRP as the PWC gets CTC/WTC/CB etc!
    Employment law is ignored too, the right not to suffer deductions….yet DEO’s are slapped on NRP’s with NO REGARD or consideration that might leave them unable to buy food/pay bills/mortgage or rent etc!
    I am ranting again lol
    It makes me soooooo angry!!!

  • jo says:

    Totally agree…..csa even use tax credits as income when calculating maintenance
    from the nrp…..its wrong, why should the nrp’s partner family lose out? Yet if a pwc has a partner it doesn’t matter? It’s biased and unfair

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Thanks Jo, and I did not know the CSA use CTC/WTC as ‘assessed income’ when it comes to the NRP. I am guessing as a NRPP living with the NRP, we had a joint WTC claim briefly March to April which the CSA have not assessed or included in their maintenance calculation, that no doubt another letter will be arriving soon asking for more ££.

    Does anyone know how much is the MAX the CSA accept in workplace pensions? They use the net salary AFTER pension deductions at the moment – my partner has a post 2003 CSA claim. His workplace pension say he can pay in up to 100% of his salary if he wants… how would that affect the CSA maintenance assessment….just playing devils advocate and asking the question….

  • jo says:

    I’m not sure with pension contributions but be careful as csa could see it as failing to pay maintenance.

    My husband was on old rules but his case closed before we met and csa were trying to go for false arrears using my circumstances with my children losing out and not going back to a time where he was out of work due to injuries….just before xmas on year the pwc had over 460.00 given to her which obviously she wasn’t entitled and my kids who are under 10 had a shit xmas, like to add the money was for his now adult childrenwith kids of their own!! Took CSA 18 months to sort it out with help of the mp but left us destitute in the mean time.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Hi Jo, I am so angry to hear your story!! Your poor kids….thought the CSA was all ‘for the needs of the children’ what a bloody joke and disgusting you had to go through it cos of the CSA’s incompetence!!

    I think under the 2003 rules the CSA take into account/allow 100% of pension, but I don’t know what % of the wages they allow……..if that makes sense.

    My partner, NRP is NOT trying to duck out of paying for his kids, but the amount the CSA want at 20% of his net income is just too much and unaffordable. How anyone can survive minus 20% of their salary?? I can’t understand why the CSA don’t do the calculations after basic essential living costs??!! At least that would be fairer, as the NRP could at least still be able to eat/pay utility bills and housing costs. No one benefits if the NRP loses his/her house and starves!

    The news is all about the Govt’s major concerns about gas/electric bills being unaffordable yet nothing is said about crippling %’s for CSA payments FFS!!!

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