Financial difficulties because of CSA and ex

January 10, 2012

My name is Debbie Hill i live at 231 0verdale road quinton birmingham b32 2rd. I have 2 children Ryan Wallcroft aged 11 and Rosie Wallcroft aged 8. I have been separated from their father for sometime but i recently contacted the csa as i was fed up of their father not paying a penny towards his children up keep. The csa started collect £10 a fortnight from his js benefits as he was out of work.

These payments have just stopped been paid.

But i know he is working 5 days a week for a fencing firm and he is still unwilling to pay anything. I think this is very unfair as i am working myself to support the children and money is very tight. I wont to know what is the next step to getting him to pay for his responsibilities. Please can you help


  • chall says:

    Firstly, it maybe a good idea to ask website admin to remove all your personal details from your post.

    Secondly, have you spoken to the CSA and asked what they are doing, is the case waiting to be reassessed ?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Mick says:

    I agree with Chall. it wasnt a very good idea to put so much personal information up about yourself and your children in the public domain here. Do try to get your email edited if possible. If you know where your ex works and who your ex works for, maybe its time you told the CSA this so they can attempt to reassess his income. Dont be suprised if this job either ends up being a cash in hand back hander for him or he quits as soon as the CSA are onto him tho. Good luck Debbie.

  • Elaine says:

    My daughter has not recieved a penny from her estranged fsather for support for just living and eating for over six years the csa have taken details promosed to get back to me etc for over 4 years and amore and just not followed theri own policy why do thet exist? if you did not pay taxws they would soon be at your door or council tax or gas electric and water itr should be included in a mandate to seize all their assets etc until their obligation to their kids are paid i full x no doubt when they pass the point of 18 or 16 in many cases they suddenly reapper to state their parentage!it is a joke and a cause of poverty for parents who have to pay double and work double to survive and look after their children.

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