Fighting to get money from my ex for eight years

July 1, 2012

For 8 years ive had the csa in my fight for child maintenance from my ex partner Simon Page. Although ive only ever helped the csa by giving them all the details i’ve ever known like where my ex partner simon page lived, worked his date of birth and even his national insurance number all they’ve ever given me is false promises and that’s it..

Around a year ago I recieved a phone call saying that they had got a large number of payments that they’d not yet sent me and that they’d send me them out over two separate girocheques and they promised that they would do this the very next morning and still to this day ive never once had any type of help from the csa and still not yet recieved any payment at all.

My ex partner has never helped me provide for our daughter in all the 8 years we’ve been separated and nor the csa. Its one thing not to get payment but its alot harder to go through when they promise to send you a large payment and never receiving anything but lies.

But thankyou for taking time in reading this and I just hope that not everyone involved with the csa has to be let down by all their lies and broken promises that they never ever keep.


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  1. chall on July 1st, 2012 11:15 pm


    Have the CSA made a proper assessment, based on his income. for the liability that your ex should pay?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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