Fighting the CSA

June 9, 2008

If you’ve just been contacted by the child support agency because you’re a non resident parent, you’ll have been told you need to make maintenance payments for your child or children. The problem is, because of the way the CSA work anything you tell with regards to how much you earn, how much you spend, how much you have paid to your ex already and how much you pay for your children will have to be verified by her. They will not take your word for it, they will take hers.

When it comes to fighting the CSA you’ll need as much evidence as possible. First off you should record all of your phone calls with them. What they say to you is important, and they’re liable to lie about it afterwards. Use a tape recorder if need be, or ideally a phone that automatically records your phone calls. You don’t need their permission, nor do you even need to notify them. Also be sure to take down times, dates and names of everyone you speak to.

Secondly, never give your ex any money without a written, signed receipt. She can deny you ever gave it to her otherwise, and the CSA will take her side of it and you’ll end up being forced to pay twice. When you spend any money for your children, keep receipts. It sounds trivial, but you will need them.

Any documentation you send to the CSA you should send recorded, and only send photocopies. Do not send any original receipts. They can and will lose them.

Also whenever you speak to the CSA you should ensure that you get them to repeat any instructions they may have for you with regards to what they want you to do, and to repeat anything they say they will do. Record it, and be sure they understand what is being said. That way if/when they don’t do what they say they will, or lie about it afterwards you will have clear, irrefutable proof of what they said.

Fighting the CSA is a long drawn out process, one that could take years, so don’t expect results in a matter of weeks or even months. offers advice and resources on fighting the CSA so be sure you use our website if you need any assistance.


  • terry scott says:


    Any chance of organising a petition or form protest. It’s time CSAHell went beyond just being a online forum.
    Great work though and I’m sure everyone would 100% back some form of action.

  • Hi Terry

    We certainly will be doing this but we need to be sure it’ll be successful first, and that means we need the social reach to do it. We’re looking at a target of 10,000 Facebook likes before we begin doing things like that. We’re approaching 1,200 at the moment, so the more you can share our Facebook Page and get more people to like it, the closer we’ll be to starting the next phase.


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