Fictious arrears and no answer

February 15, 2012

I have had dealings with the CSA for 7 years now and it seems to rear its ugly head every 18 months to 2 years, stating I am in ARREARS.Payments are deducted every 4 weeks (ATE) from my wages. It is then sent via payrolls to another office and then another office in Newcastle and then to my ex wife (one month in arrears). I had a schedule dated 21/11/11 showing payments until Oct 2012 at £212.00 every 4 weeks (NO ARREARS), six weeks later the new schedule dated 30/01/12 stating I am some £840.00 in arrears (4 missing payments by my reckoning).

They cant tell me over the phone where the arrears have accrued, I have to write in and ask for my details to be sent to me (taking up to 28 days to reply) by then the £212.00 will have increased to £424.00 for 4 pay periods. I have a new family and I am responsible for my wife and step – daughter. The CSA do not seem to give two hoots about this.

This stresses me very much and is affecting me at work. On previous schedule arrears I have used their website address to complain and all I ever ever get back is another bloody schedule!!! I am not a missing Father just an easy touch.


  • chall says:


    You should ensure your employers are passing payments to the agency and giving the agency the correct information to be able to allocate the funds to your account.

    Employers should send the money to the CSA as soon as possible after the deduction has been made and never later than the 19th of the month following the month in which the deduction was taken.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • John says:

    Go to your MP and complain!

  • Steve H says:

    I have every sympathy with you.I am also caught up in CSA non existent arrears Hell. The only way is to use their complaints procedure to its fullest. There are a number of steps you can take- look at the “how to complain” section of the DirectGov CSA website. Other tips for you include: 1. Write to them. Explain your complaint in clear terms, adding that you will go to the ultimate step of calling in the Ombudsman if you Have to. 2. Copy in your MP and let it be known that you have done so.3. Call for all records of phone calls and any records they hold on you. It costs a tenner but is priceless. 4. Call for a face to face meeting to be held when you have all of your records. Go into that meeting with your argument researched. If you don’t get the answer you want keep pushing. It takes time. My complaint is already nigh on 6 months old, but i am still fighting. Don’t lose heart. if you are right, you are right. I wish i could compare stories with you. Best of Luck!!!!

  • Alan moorhouse says:

    Hi I am in the same predicament with the csa.they have said that I owe £6060 in arrears. I’ve looked into this and they have calculated that I was earning £366 per week 2009/2010 tax year and have calculated weekly payments of £66 per week. Thing is I started my business that year and did not even break where did this figure come from. I got told to send in proof of my tax return for that year which I have I have now been told that It is there policy not to re adjust the arrears on the account even if it’s wrong as I should of told them at the time of the assessment. Thing is I’ve done that I’ve ordered all my documents from the data protection unit.csa are currently looking to secure a liability order against me.I have told them could they hold off court proceedings until I receive all my information ( which takes 40 working days to arrive) so a third party could have a look and can see where the arrears come from I have had a reply of no. With our government currently making cuts I feel what a waste of money taking me to court for a liability order for a debt I can prove I don’t owe through tax returns black and White evidence. This is a shortened version of events with the csa
    Thanks for reading
    Alan Moorhouse.

  • Mr hall says:

    i to have all these odd amounts of payments , i payed £ 725 in 2008 but only last month they found it , they say i have £11000 arrears but at the moment im going through all the complaints with them , they even closed my complaint down last week with out telleing me , im so sure some one is on the take or are they on profit share yours Mr Hall

  • mr allan says:

    in the last 7yr i,ve paid almost 25000 pound back in arrears i was told to pay, and finally i just have to pay my regular maintanance (over £300 per month 4 a child i have no idea exists) so after a long haul of trying to get statements of what i,ve paid i finally got them and noticed £1,650 missing , so contacted the csa who replied we,ve taken that for the secretary of state, for my oldest daughter who is nearly 30 yr old and i always provided what i could to her mother, ( and my daughters mother is 100% backing me on this) so can someone tell me this is not daylight robbery. if anyone has any ideas of who, where or what i can do, please let me know. thanks

  • tracy says:

    i think a lawyer could do well out of this but one that would do no win no fee as there are loads of people getting riped off by the c.s.a my husband has deductions of earnings every month for a 24 yr and 23yr he has paperwork stating balance of arrears cleared in 2004 and 2005 but on the face to face we were told someone must have gone and decided to put more money we also have paperwork £ 2000 unenforceable but he is still paying and everyone we get in-touch with MP etc we just get another breakdown how many breakdowns that dont add up are we going to get because thay know were right because thay never write up there finding on a face to face but we just cant afford a lawyer to take it to court so can any one suggest what steps we can take as we have all paperwork from data protection which proves he dosent owe a penny

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