Fear looms over potential loss of money due to Child Support Agency reforms

April 4, 2011

Campaigners have been speaking out against the government’s plans to change how the child maintenance system works. Under the new rules, many worry that single mothers on low pay may end up substantially worse of, which is prompting many to question exactly why these reforms are taking place, and who exactly they will be benefitting.

The change to the rules means that the Child Support Agency can no longer intervene in child maintenance disputes for free. The worry here is that this will result in low income single mothers struggling significantly more than they had previously, since they will have to pay £100 to get help with making an agreement with their ex-partner.

Under the previous system, it is thought that as many as 50% of single mothers do not receive child maintenance payments from the fathers. Gingerbread, an organisation for single parents, is especially worried about the potential implications, and it has stated that the changes will leave thousands more much worse off.

The government itself has defended its decision, claiming it wants feuding parents to “take responsibility” and therefore settle their problems on their own. It also claims that the £100 fee could be waived in the most extreme cases, where a parent can prove they are completely unable to afford it; however this concession has not pleased campaigners, who feel that waiving the fee in a few cases will not necessarily mean all parents are able to seek out assistance.


  • Kev Blythe says:

    I know I have to pay for my kids > I don’t see why the tax payer should ! > private payment system sooner the better > CSA/CMEC causes more issues than their worth > Administrative Liability Orders scrapped quickly if these are used its game over no judge nothing just you owe us and that’s it.

  • John says:

    Typical of this government and politicians to blame feuding parents, and yet the very same people do absolutely NOTHING regarding family law in general.

    They dump the finance issues on the parents and don’t care two hoots about parents OR children as long as the Government screws moneys from the absent parent!

    Lets get rid of 150 M.P.’s and take ALL expenses from them to cover the taxpayers cost of tax credits and other benefits!

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