Fathers that care and pay are a problem to the CSA

August 19, 2010

I separated from my son’s mother in 2003 (my son will be ten this year) Since the day she left I always had shared care and paid her via a direct acgreement by cheque or standing order. I informed the CSA in 2003 of this and at the time I was actually paying more than they advised me to, so I have had no contact with the CSA since June 2003. Then in March 2010 I had a call from CSA checking my case and then expained that that everything was still the same that I pay every month and share care for my son, the lady advised me that my ex partner was actally better of keeping to the direct agreement.

Then in June 2010 I had a very nasty and agressive lady from the CSA phone me demanding that I pay £1000 payment and then hundreds every month for the next 5 years over the phone and if I don’t then they will deduct it from my wages or send baliffs round to my house. I have asked many times for the CSA (and no success) to show me how they have they have worked these figures out but all I get is my case is on the old computer system and this my arrears!!!

I hae sent the CSA my bank statements for the last 7 years showing payments made and all they tell me is they have recieved these but their calculations are still correct!!

I have had my appeal from the CSA looked again they say they are right and Iam now waiing for an independent appeal, but why this goes on they are deducting hundres of pounds a month from my salary. Which is casuing huge fincial problems for me and my family!!!!!!!!


  • j says:

    The csa is a scam, its a tax collection exercise on behalf of the government. I hope your case is now sorted but get your data protection prints and keep any contact with them in writing. Best of luck.

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