Fathers have more rights to walk away using CSA

October 22, 2011

My husband left me and my two children for another woman in November 2000. Since then he has not paid a single penny of child maintenance. He has now had 3 children by another woman. I have constantly asked CSA to look into looking into the case. they say that he has paperwork to fill out. they give him several weeks to get the paperwork back and in this time he has used the weeks to do as little work as possible in order to send in low payslips.

Now he’s unemployed and living in Wales somewhere. I don’t understand why the CSA and law allow a parent to walk away without paying one single pound towards his children. They are condoning his actions and its insulting to me as a mother as I raise the children and give all my time to them and I struggle every week yet the father can get off scot free. Every quarter when I get a letter from CSA saying his contribution is NIL it disgusts me. If your a parent then you should have a duty to pay something towards your child’s upkeep. The law shouldn’t make it easy for parents to walk away and start a new family and forget about the old one they created. He doesn’t visit, he doesn’t write or call the kids.

I think its despicable that he should be allowed to walk away from his responsibilities and its being condoned by the government itself!


  • John says:

    I agree.Hhe has a duty to provide finance for his children, and as we all can see the CSA are useless,

    This why matters of child maintenance should be dealt with by a court at the time of seperation/divorce, via use of mediation where possible, so the parents can sort the matters out themselves.If he won’t pay the court should deal with him!

    I have been a victim of the CSA for 11 years. They are trying to criminalise me, and I am paying. They have made my life a misery ALL of those years. they are incompetent beyond belief, and I swear that I will have them dealt with by a court one day!

  • terry says:

    your ex is an asshole.but you are totally wrong and blinkerd if you think the law lets us dads get away with it…you and your ex are a minoriy…my wife left me 5 yrs ago and denied me seeing my daughter…and im forced to pay her £320 a month..yes her I know like many other fathers that some women just use the kids as money cows.my bitch of an ex moves into a new private rent with her bloke whom she probably lies to the council about not living there with her,and low and behold i get a claim filed with me from the her and the csa shortly after.it aint rocket science..my money is not spent on my daughter but subsidising her and his lifestyles.the lazy cow works the bare minimum hours just to get most of her rent paid.theres no way my daughter has £73 spent on her every week.Dont assume that all absent dads her getting it easy lady.

  • Suzanne says:

    With all due respect Terry, I wasnt referring to ALL fathers. However there are quite a few who the CSA calculate out that they dont have to pay a penny. Your situation sounds horrendous. Its not right that the CSA can make ruling depending on whats written on paper without actually knowing the whole situation. If you are a parent then you should be responsible enough to help with the upkeep of your family and if you are the carer of the children then the money should be used on the children. I have been going without for years so I can stretch my monies for the kids and no we dont live in the life of luxury. We cant afford to. . John.. I TOTALLY agree. I have been wanting to take CSA to court for years for their calculations on what he is meant to pay ( zero) . Its wrong. Its all totally wrong.

  • John Doe says:

    You should be letting him have the children equal times to how long you have them, negating the need for any child maintenance at all. If he wont see them then find someone else to provide for the children, you will get your child tax credits e.t.c anyway.

    But If your not letting them live with him equally and you stopped him from seeing them then woe betide you. Hes supporting 3 children and if he would happily support the 2 that live with you at his household, why should you be getting any money?

    Its pure selfish, spiteful evil to keep a father from having equal rights and if your not letting them live half and half between you and their father but are demanding money you deserve much worse than being not paid anything.

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