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Father with custody, getting no money from the mother through CSA

Hi my name is ian and I have full custody of three young children due to my ex wife physically abusing them. Age 10, 8 and 6. My ex wife took all the profit from my business which almost went bust now I get tax credit and struggle.

My ex has a house which she does not live in and it is rented out at 645 per month and was mortgage free cost 320,000 CSA investigated and she gave them the run around for 9 months, they told me today that she has sold the house so this is no longer included in the claim.

I did a land registry search on the house and she has transferred it into her parents names.

Regardless of the fact the house is mortgage free she must have the 275,000 that was on the transfer or if her parents didnt pay for it this is a fraud. I will put money on her still getting the rent 645.00 from barnsdales letting agents in her bank every month.

I also did a 2nd search on her current house which she lives in, it turns out to be owned by my ex wife and her parents 1/3 share each.

They will now calculate from her part time job only , the transfer of the property took place two weeks after the final court order said she could send 4 letters a year as her only contact and the children were to live with me permanantly.

I have known her parents for 14 years now way did they have the 275,000 that the land registry says they paid.
my guess is she simply transfered it into their names to avoid csa payments.

I told the CSA in february to put a charge on the house as she will dispose of it I was told it was too early in the claim I was also told I would get 8% of the value.

Now i stand to get very little and she laughing her head off with hundreds of thousands in assets.

CSA have completely let me down they do not seem to get if she sold the house she must have got the money so why cant my claim be calculated on this. I have not had a single penny up till now!!!! For 7 months i kept calling and Robert Haywood never once called me back he even told me my case had fallen off the radar. In August he told me they were sending someone out to see her 3 weeks ago i was still being told this.

I can prove the house is mortgage free and it is now in her parents names csa legal department have apparently looked at it jesus they must be thick if she has sold the house she should have got the 275,000 that is on the land registry transfer they NEVER ASKED WHERE THE MONEY WAS. I am at the end of my physical emotional and financial tether I am making a complaint I have been told the forms are on the way I won’t hold my breath. If any one wants to ring me I am more than happy to provide all paper work even the title numbers and details.

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  1. Some women who are non resident parents get off scott free, as the CSA is after all the womens union in disguise. My ex failed to pay for years but I kept chasing and chasing involving my M.P.

    One rule for women different rules for men!

  2. The only way I see to resolve this is your MP writing a complaint on your behalf then sending ALL your findings to the independent case examiner where you will get a consolatory payment for gross maladministration and those findings then being sent through to the parliamentary ombudsman BUT be warned that these processes can take another year to resolve due to a huge backlog. Back all your complaint up in paper format and sent registered post keep receipts and claim these back!What a pile of shit this is and shows complete incompetence. Good luck!

  3. The CSA isn't set up to take money from the Mother, this statement was made by a CSA employee when my friends wife left him for another man and left him with the children. If it was the other way round they would've been taking 40% of you wages by a DOE order within 3 weeks of the claim being made. Yet again this is more proof that they victimise Fathers whether they are the NRP or PWC. If they treated everyone equally and with dignity you wouldn't be going through this now. Good luck with your case

  4. Go and see a lawyer, i'm sure your entiltled to legal aid, And see your MP too. Duncan Lewis Solicitors offer legal aid in family issues. They are a big firm and very good.

  5. You should also consider yourself luck as you have all the children, they rae your biggest wealth. There is nothing more precious than children and money comes no where near it. I'd rather be poor and have the company of children than be rich and have no access to any of my children. Luckily i have 50% of my daughter someretimes even more and i'm sure to get her 100% as soon as ger mother marries off with her partner who says he doesn't want anything to do with the child of another man. Damn i'll be glad to take my daughter who wants to be with me anyway. Good luck to you mate and allthe best with your children. Happy new year.

  6. Ian I am father of one Child with full custody. Luckily I was the one abused by ex physically/emotionally not my son however my case has been with CSA for 6 years. Finally I am getting results. The CSA have told me that they are finally taking her to court and she either pays or she goes to jail. After the hell she has put me through I am hoping she fails to pay 🙂 she owes me 13k not a penny recieved yet. Ex believes that after doing time in jail debt is erased, I have not told her that is untrue and that the Csa can go back and ask for further commitals. Ex has the money she and new partner have brought 2 properties in this country 1 in cyprus and 2 in italy. Reason for non payment from her is, she has morgages to pay. Ian keep plugging away your children will win in the end. Good luck

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