Father refuses to pay, CSA refuse to enforce

October 18, 2010

This is coming from a slightly different point of view from some posts that I have read, I am now a step dad to two wonderful girls; the CSA have failed them both.

I have heard these words via my wife far too often, “we are following procedures, we will give them a call, blah, blah, blah!!!!!
Why conceive an agency that has all of these powers of enforcement yet, the vary idea of them actually using them to do any good is beyond them!

My wifes ex partner works his friend, he has not aided the CSA to they have issued a DOE order….at least twice..his employer / mate is conveniently always unavailable when they phone to speak to him….the case we are told will be transferred to the Criminal Compliance Dept….at least twice. The money gets re assesed, the amended figure is posted out…and yes the money still doesn’t get paid.

The FATHER SUPPORT AGENCY as we now refer to them are at best useless…

The parents who care for their children are being failed on a daily basis by this QUANGO….I only wish that i could talk to them on behalf of my wife….if they only allocated the same person to a number of cases, a more personal approach to the handling of these cases would no doubt result in the reduction of heated conversations on the phone when the parent is told…WE ARE ONLY FOLLOWING PROCEDURES!!!

Is this phrase some sort of mantra that they all chant on a daily basis….the unpain money is a debt….if this was money owed direct to the Govt. then i would imagine that they would be on it in a flash.

I hate seeing my wife getting upset by this, i hate the fact that my step children feel disowned by their father and that they obviously are not seen as anything other than a number by the Govt.

My sympathies go out to all other parents and step parents in the same situation, THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!!!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    Does the mother work, does she pay?

  • S Riddoch says:

    Yes, my wife does work in order to further support her children; in doing this she has to take time away from them and this obviously saddens her.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are many non resident parents who take great joy in being a part of their childrens lives, they are the ones unfortunately being tarred with the same brush as those that don’t.

    If you are man enough to have children then, you should be man enough to raise them (whether you are there 100% of the time or, only some of the time)

  • Meg67 says:

    Hi S Riddoch,

    Yes you’re right ….Things do need to change and tomorrow would not be soon enough…
    I’m in the same boat as your wife and so are a lot of other PWC….. 3 years it has taken to get 1 payment of £25 out of my non complient ex…… The CSA really don’t give a fig about anyone…..They can’t be bothered to chase the non compliant NRPs yet they like screw the good honest ones for stupid amounts of money then make up arrears just to screw em a little more and then to top the lot they take 40% straight from their wages……. It is system that is just so WRONG on many different levels and so many people are just being left to suffer

    Kind regards

    Meg x x x

  • graeme says:

    Vote Meg for Minister for Works and Pension !!!! She will get my vote everytime !!!

  • John says:

    Well said Meg!……….It appears that CSA/CMEC will come under a branch of DWP with a Minister in charge. For gods sake I hope it’s not the ‘QUIET MAN’! He is like a dithering old dear!

    The reason that I ask, is for me target this new Minister and ask exactly the same questions as Meg and others have raised. £4 billion uncollected and people ‘let off’ and we are repeatedly targeted. What a disgrace!

  • Trevor Franks says:

    the csa have failed everyone its costs to much to run so every tax payer in the country pays for the cost of running the csa some 2 billion pounds a year

  • Bish Shaha says:

    I am a father that does pay, but yet they hound me. how dare you say they are a father protection agency. The CSA have been protected by the former Labour govt. We got rid of labour now its the csa turn get rid of them THose civil servants that work at the csa deserve the unemployment line.

  • Kate Camilleri says:

    No exactly how you feel. My kids dads are better off to my kids dead! I have given them all the leniancy in the world, told them they can see the kids whenever they wish and ask them for nothing more than the measly amount CSA say they need to pay to buy the kids the things they need. Well no more begging, no more asking – they have lost 3 wonderful kids and I am luckily in a position to pay for my own kids without the support from the government.However despite my ex robbing me of all my belongings and my kids, and money from my bank and the police being unable to so much as follow this up even though there were kids involved.He writes on here all the time how hard done by he is by the CSA yet makes no effort to contact them to pay for his son. Dads see this as a burden on them that they should be made to pay for their offspring, like us mums are running of living the high life on it! I wish!!Kids cost a fortune! I didnt have them for the social money, I had them because I loved the people I was with and wanted by mutual consent children with them.I not only have to look after 3 children full time, I also work full time and being self employed I can do over 100 hours a week. I also have to keep my house clean, and ensure my kids are fed and they have clean and ironed clothes to wear.Then today – because my children have been late to school on occasion been told I am being prosecuted which will mean 12 weeks in prison and a £2500 fine!!! Flaming incredible seen as how I am the one actually still here trying to ensure my children are provided for whilst both their dads live the life of luxury and no responsibilities what so ever!I was all for a change in government and this new pact but they havent got it right again! How about putting these fathers in prison for not seeing there children and vice versa for mums that prevent the dads access too! Children need both parents yes, but sometimes there is two sides to every story and for once the mums side is coming through!All these Dads on here that complain about the CSA problems, if they actually paid up for their kids in the first place I very much doubt any Mum would want the added stress of the CSA on their heads too!

  • Mic Smith says:

    kate, im sure you can understand that every child needs two parents BUT when you say "if they actually paid up for their kids in the first place" ?????? come on, surely you have read the posts from dads WHO DO PAY UP and the csa just change things/assessments for fun??? how is your comment fair to those dads? YES there are dead beat dads who deserve locking up but to think every dad is like that??? not all us dads are like that !

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    Agreed Mic

  • Allan Morrell says:

    FAO Kate. in respect to your comments regarding CSA not being involved if fathers paid up…. To be accurate… the CSA were always involved when the PWC was on benefits, when the CSA took deductions from the NRP, it was considered as additional income to the PWC and therefore became deducted from the PWC's benefits. so yes the NRP had every right to complain that the NRP was being stealth taxed to support the ex-partners benefits on top of income taxes used to support those on benefits. ultimately, it was the child being stealth taxed…Bish shaha is correct, the CSA is not supportive to the NRP or to fathers for that matter especially wher the NRP is the Father like myself…I look forward to any critisisms you may have about my complaints against the CSA as to were my child is denied my ability to provide from my own pockets when he asks for clothes and footwear because the CSA make deductions to prevent my ability to meet my sons requirements…. Considering also that my ex-partner has 2 working incomes,child benefits and working families tax credits while I myself a disabled NRP lives on benefits supporting the PWC's lavish lifestyle… luckily because of shared care, I do not have to release the £5 as I would have been assessed had I not had shared care.However, the original post is obviously a step PWC who requests his desire for additional income to be supported by NRP…. possibly 2 av a couple of pints at his local at the NRP's expense.The CSA want to be included so as to obtain the recovery of moneys for the treasury which is paid out to those on benefits, the easy targets for CSA are those NRP's who are already paying towards the upkeep of their children, unfortunately, it is the PWC who recieves those monies rather than the child recieving those monies, this is evidently to the disgust of the NRP's who are paying for the PWC's lavish nights out with their new partners at the Child's and NRP's expense..Ultimately, the child suffers, therefore the CSA cause the child such suffering that such suffering would be considered as abuse. Therefore, CSA are guilty of child abuse, no more, no less, plain, clear cut and simple.Luckily, I am able to provide for my child without help from child benefits, unlike the PWC with WFTC's and child benefits on top of 2 working incomes into the PWC's household… Even my child detests the CSA because of the CSA denying my son's rights to have his father provide such support during my period of employment and by such illegal calculations of arrears….

  • Stuart 'Ginge' Graham says:

    I like your comment about imprisoning parents who do not support contact. Trouble is, there is a culture of parental alienation in this country from many mothers and the state. The response has been that many of the disenfranchised dads do not care. To care is can be extremely expensive and ruin mental health. Very good fathers are in many cases denied proper access to children for no good reason. Shared parenting is not supported by government or the legal process. Mothers get all the child benefit. My ex has cashed in thousands of pounds during times when the children have been with me. Most dads can afford nothing more than a bedsit and are entitled to no realistic help from Local Housing Allowance because they are treated as single men. I am sorry your ex does not fulfill his responsibilities. But so long as authorities treat separated fathers as single, and impose responsibilities without rights, many men will, perhaps because they have no choice, act as singlies. The real blame lie with male hating feminists such as Harman whose plocies were given far too much credibility. They have marginalised men to such a degree that doing things properly is not just difficult, it is sometimes nigh on impossible.

  • Mic Smith says:

    bish, think about it, no govt will remove the csa… its a money making sceme for them in more than one way ! yes, csa subsidises benifits as its classed as an income but a more over looked fact is the csa hold onto payments… why do you think this is? simple, intrest ! whilst its in the govt bank account, its earning intrest for them ! and its not just pennys like we get every few months, its thousands of pounds for free just for keeping hold of someone elses money !!!

  • Mic Smith says:

    ^^^ fact is why the csa hold onto payments… ooops 🙂

  • Garry Roe says:

    This is why the CSA go after Dads like me who were paying maintenance and are hard working honest Dads … ATTACHMENT TO EARNINGS 🙁

  • Mark 'Pug' Pugh says:

    Hay, face it…if u willing to call yourself the stepdad and willing to involve yourself so much into thier lifes y would u want money off the x,u cant have other mens children living under your roof going by your rules un expect them to pay u for it….ppl like u are so hard done by ay un the shoe is on the other foot,really this csa matter has fuckall todo with u but i can imagen u love causeing shit un making out the real dad to be the bad one(u sound like a tit to me)

  • Jayne Bushell says:

    you can talk to the csa on your wifes behalf as my husband whos my childrens step dad does this for me. i actually had a nervous breakdown over my case which dates back to 1993 and still no maintainence !! what you need to do is get your wife to write a letter stating that shes wishes for you to act as her representative, mind you we wrote to them back in Feb and they still ask me for security questions as they can never find the letter i sent in !!! my husband has to tell them which file it is filed under on their computer every time…. they can't even get a simple instruction correct !!!!! always send correspondence by recorded delivery and date, time and write down all conversations, also ask for your data protection files…. They hate that !!!! I know how frustrating it must be for you and weve lived with this for years… My husband paid regular maintance for years amounting to £56,000 for his 2 children and my ex husband being self employed paid nothing as he lied and cheated his way out of paying !!! the Csa are idiots and wreak lives but as long as they reach their targets and get their bonus they dont care,, I wish you and your wife all the luck in the world

  • Meg67 says:

    Graeme/ John

    You and all the other good & honest NRP’s get 100% respect from me, as do the PWC who get sweet FA from their “Non compliant” exes……. It is so wrong that the good guys/girls are penalised whilst the bad ones are allowed to play the system to our expense… You may laugh or think I’m insane but I would actually love the job of working for the DWP and to be in charge of the CSA….. I would kick so many arses and turn this failing system into one that was fit for the 21st century and “fair” for all concerned…… The only problem is, I would probably earn more than 40K and lose my right to CB…… LOL!!!!!!

    Kind regards

    Meg x x x

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    I agree in principle with this posting apart from the fact of 'father support agency' which is quite insulting to those dads who do support their children. The agency does need to change and absent parents, whether they are fathers or mothers need to support their biological children through a method which is easy to administer, quick to put into place and not open to abuse and loopholes like the current system.

  • Colin Dunstan says:

    Hang on mark, surely the point here is that the CSA dont give a shit about anyone. I see both ends Im been screwed by the CSA and held to ransom to have contact with my kids. Yet those fathers who the CSA should be chasing to get them to support their flesh and blood are getting let off because its too much effort to chase them, hence the children suffer. Surely the CSA was set-up to get these dead beat fathers to provide some support to there children yet its the easy catches there going for the honest working Fathers who have been and want to be part of there childrens lives and support them??

  • Phil Lee says:

    How about moving on and building a relationship between you all that doesn't involve money but love – lots of it – move on – half the problems asociated with the Criminal Support Agency (CSA) are as a result of one or both so called parents inability to do just that – if the ex doesn't want to be a parent – get over it – stop trying to force the issue – they are the ones missing out and forcing the other person to accept their responsbilities through the CSA is a waste of time and only leads to frustration all round. Instead of moving on we have so called parents bringing up a generation of p*ssed off kids.. who think cos their dad (as is often the case) didn't pay up they don't care.. tragic. Close this robbing excuseof a quango down and get warring couple in front of a judge or the very least magistrates – generate agreement between them.. if they fail to deliver on agreements (i.e. not letting kids see dads or dads not paying what theysay they will) then they are back in court.. it isn't that tough is it?!?!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    The CSA no longer have a financial interest going forward. I've no doubt it will be wound down eventually however they still need to collect in the money owed from prior to April 12th this year when the law changed and a full disregard happened. Soon enough, they will start charging for providing the service, I'm sure that was in the legislation. More importantly, the law needs changing!

  • Mark 'Pug' Pugh says:

    colin- my intrust have always been my children….but i have spoilt them rotten(and the x) so they have a good life…im in the situration now where i have a tit who thinks he is my kids stepfarther un wants to take my place yet still wants money off me to make his life better with them as the stepdad yet trying 2 stop me seeing my kids- so no, no hang on, or b good 4 the kids,the system is a pisstake un muppets like that shouldnt even post fuck all unless its his kids,the bloke is a scabby cunt-if he wants other mens kids to call him daddy then get to fuck out to work un pay 4 them…..

  • graeme says:


    I wouldnt laugh or think you are insane for working for the DWP. The reason for that is you have the ideas that could actually work. I have no qualms about paying, but paying a fair amount for both myself and my ex to have a decent standard of living so that both of us can move on with our lives. That is too much to ask of this agency when they are shafting me left right and centre. And I admit my case is not too bad especially when I read the horror stories on here of the eye watering amounts that some people have to pay.

    I would love to know why there is still 2 assessments in place CS1 and CS2. Why after 7 YEARS are there still people paying under CS1? 1 RULE ONE ASSESSMENT, EVERYBODY WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH THE CSA COME UNDER THE ONE RULE

    Is that too much to ask in todays society?

    So I wish that you would work for the CSA also Karen Bedford who would sort out the self employed issue.


  • Karen says:

    Yes the prob is you pay for the NRP who dont/wont.

    Graeme thanks so much for your luvely comment, hope you listen to Eddie Nestor and Vanessa show on BBC Radio London as me and Lisa are regulars on there! Should be on there again soon after the announcement about welfare cuts, watch this space! :o)

  • graeme says:

    Hi Karen

    Would love to listen to you sometime, however I am down in South Wales and probably cannot recieve Radio London.

    And you are correct I am one of the unfortunate easy targets that pays for the NRP who can tbe arsed or bothered to pay their child maintenance.


  • Lyn says:

    Hi S Riddock,

    If you get the LUNATIC case worker that my partner has then you will get enforcemenet!

    Hit with a bill of £36,000 out of the blue and after paying over £8,000 on Solicitors they have now issued enforcement order. My partner has made 2 offers but the Mother is greedy and wants more.

    To see how this has effected my partner is a disgrace. Words cannot describe them.

  • Kate C says:

    you know what – parents act like children, not the responsible adults they should be. Not saying i am innocent in this – I have during arguments used the kids as pawns stating they can forget access, but its always in the heat of the moment and I never follow it through as the only ones that suffer is the kids.End of the day I have tried and tried to be amicable with the kids dads, especially my sons dad as I know what stress it caused with my daughters dad arguing so tried to avoid the same thing. I have tried to be nice for the sakes of the kids yet the dads both try everything they can to call me names or make my life difficult, for example, asking to swap the odd weekend so I can work when I have moved weekends to suit their love lives.I have asked them to try and be civil, I hate them they hate me its not the point – despite what we feel for each other the kids are the main priority.If you are adult – why cant we act our age. All us mums want is support and help – all dads want is access to their kids and not to be shaded of money so they can at least afford to see there kids! Its a two way thing, The CSA for most is a last resort – it certainly is for me! Do I care how it affects the dads, not one tiny bit. If they came to me and were civil and saw their children and agreed to pay me direct then happy days. I am not a bad person. And just because I walked out on two unhappy relationships should not be persecuted forever by the kids dads.The good thing is I don't depend solely on the money. Some mums however do and its those kids that really suffer.

  • Alfred Junor says:

    would you prefer a man to live with your children and not pay for them???? it shouldnt matter if your x has a partner….id be saying thankyou to him if i was you…sounds like a lot of bitter jealousy!!!! and your kids wouldnt be calling him daddy if your was a better dad!!! your delusional!!!!! heres some advice!!! you pay then he doesnt have to!!! but he would do anyway cuz it takes a real man to look after childern especially if there not their own….i wonder why she isnt with you anymore?? you seem so inteligent and charming!!!!!

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