Father has never met his son

March 11, 2012

I have a 26 year old son who has never met his natural father. When I found I was pregnant this man was willing to support me – if I had a termination – but would have nothing to do with me, or the child, if I continued with the pregnancy. Clearly I made the right choice as my son is now a wonderful man (as I knew he would be) and I did marry (although he was never adopted and I subsequently divorced).

I am not looking for anything from my son’s natural father but, especially over the last 5 years, my son has shown interest in contacting him. He has always known the full story of his birth/life but is clearly interested to find out more about his other ‘biological’ half.

Everything we have tried has met with a dead end and I am unsure how to persue this further. I know the name, but have, over the years, forgotten more specific details. We did used to work together and I remember where he live during the 80s and where he was said to have moved to following the closure of our place of work. Is there any advice I can be given regarding this?


  • jay. says:

    If you know a name, have you tried fb, everyones on there, or 192.com or findamonkey.com….just some suggestions., without spending mega money. Hope it helps.

  • Terry norris says:

    Well the way I see it is this.he did offer you help but you decided to keep the baby despite him warning you he would have nothing to do with you if you went ahead.
    Now look at it from his side of the fence? It’s ok for you to say you want nothing from him and he has to take your word for it.if he did let you know where he is,what’s to stop you filing a claim against him with the csa knowing you would be in for a fortune from him,and why should he pay after never knowing his son and telling you right from the beginning he never wanted anything to do with you or him.
    I know what I would do along with many others in that situation……run as far away as poss and never never let you know anything about me,you like alot of women may be tempted by the cash you can screw from ex’s with the help of these dogs called the csa.he would know that once they get their claws into his finances he will be a ruined man.And before you say it? I’m not one of the dead beats that don’t pay.my wife left me 5 yrs ago for a bloke she was cyberwhoring with, and took my little girl with her,through no fault of my own this bitch has deprived a dad from watching his daughter grow up,that’s gone and never to come back and my reward …….£320 a month for a daughter I never see…rich ain’t it

  • Sue says:

    Terry, you sound very bitter. I am sorry. Of course I can see your point…but my request was for my son, not me.

  • Sue says:

    Jay, Have done the usual searches, but thank you

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